Weird Pregnancy Symptoms: Surprising Changes to Expect

Congratulations! You're expecting a baby, an exciting time to look forward to. While pregnancy brings lots of joy, it can also be full of surprises. There are expected physical changes, such as morning sickness, weight gain, and cravings for some strange things. But did you know that there are many other weird and unusual pregnancy symptoms that you may experience? In this blog post, we will discuss some of these lesser-known yet normal pregnancy experiences so that you can be prepared for everything!

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The Weird Symptoms You Might Experience

Nose bleeding

It's common to experience nosebleeds during pregnancy, even if you've never had one. The increase of blood in your body to support the growing fetus raises the pressure in your blood vessels, which can lead to ruptured blood vessels in the nasal cavity. While this may sound alarming, pregnancy-related nosebleeds are entirely harmless and normal. However, you may feel some discomfort in your nasal cavity. If you suffer from a cold or allergies, or if the air around you is dry, this can exacerbate the problem and cause further rupturing. Knowing the potential causes can help alleviate unnecessary worry during this exciting and transformative time.

Excessive Saliva

Excess saliva during pregnancy, known as ptyalism gravidarum, can be a common and uncomfortable experience for many women. This symptom can cause obnoxious side effects, including drooling, tonsil stones, and even choking on your saliva mid-sentence. While experts aren't sure what causes this issue, they suspect it may be due to hormone changes or the body's response to nausea or heartburn. However, one thing is sure - if you're experiencing this symptom, you're not alone. By staying informed and being proactive about managing your symptoms, you can help make this a more accessible and more comfortable experience for you and your growing baby.

Pregnant lady talking to doctor

Nose Congestion

If you constantly reach for a tissue with a runny or stuffy nose during pregnancy, you might suffer from pregnancy rhinitis. This unusual condition is directly linked to the fact that you're carrying a baby inside you. As your body tries to adapt to the growth of the fetus by increasing blood volume and swelling, the mucous membranes in your nose can become inflamed, leading to congestion and mucus production. It's not the most glamorous pregnancy symptom, but luckily, it's usually not a severe issue. Just make sure to stock up on tissues and stay hydrated to ease the discomfort that comes with it.

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Blurred Vision

One such symptom that might catch some women off guard is a slight blurring of vision. This is due to the fluids that pregnant women tend to retain, which can affect the shape of the cornea. Even women with perfect eyesight before becoming pregnant might notice a difference in their ability to focus. However, it's important to note that this is a temporary condition and that postpartum recovery usually brings things back to normal. So it might be tempting to run to the optometrist and get fitted for new glasses or contacts, but it's best to wait until after the baby arrives.

Skin Tags

When you're pregnant, these small, fleshy outgrowths of skin can pop up in different places of your body. Although not dangerous, they can cause discomfort if they rub against your clothes. The increased weight gain during pregnancy, typically between 11 to 40 pounds, can add to friction in areas like your neck, inner thighs, underarms, and under breasts—triggering the development of new skin tags. The hormone leptin, responsible for skin cell growth, also increases during pregnancy, leading to skin tags. While there are several ways to eliminate these skin tags, it's best to wait until after your pregnancy when your hormone levels return to their normal range. So breathe easy; these bumps are just cosmetic and will not harm you or your baby.

Lightning Crotch

This condition is characterized by a sudden, sharp pain in the pelvic region that feels like an electric shock. You may feel this sensation in your vagina or rectum, and it can be pretty alarming. While the exact cause of lightning crotch is not entirely understood, it is thought to be related to fetal movement pressing on specific nerves or round ligament pain. Most commonly, lightning crotch occurs later on in pregnancy and generally isn't anything to worry about.

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Vulvar Varicosities

One common symptom most women are familiar with is varicose veins, which often develop in the legs. However, you may not know that varicose veins can also occur in and around your vulva. Known as vulvar varicosities, these enlarged veins can cause a variety of unpleasant sensations, such as burning, stinging, and itching. The culprit behind this unpleasantness is the increased blood volume and pressure of growing a baby. Fortunately, cooling is a simple and effective way to alleviate these symptoms. Cooling the affected area can provide much-needed relief and make pregnancy a little more bearable.

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Carpal Tunnel

This is due to the increase in blood volume and the slowing of circulation. However, when this swelling occurs in the wrists, it can lead to discomfort and pain in the hands. This is because the pressure on the nerves in the carpal tunnel can cause tingling, numbness, or even pain. Fortunately, these sensations are usually temporary and can be addressed using splints or wrist wraps to stabilize the area. Should the pain persist or become more severe, seeking occupational therapy may also provide relief. It's important to talk to your healthcare provider if you experience any symptoms that concern you during pregnancy.

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Changing Shoe Sizes

During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin plays a vital role in helping your body prepare for childbirth by loosening your joints. While this benefits your pelvic area, it can also impact other body parts, like your feet. The additional weight you carry, coupled with flexible joints, can cause the ligaments in your feet to stretch out, resulting in larger shoe sizes post-pregnancy. Unfortunately, your favorite pair of shoes might not fit after pregnancy. However, the good news is that with postpartum shoe shopping, you can embrace new styles and designs perfect for your post-pregnancy feet. So, don't be dismayed if your feet have increased in size. Instead, take this opportunity to treat yourself to new and comfortable shoes.

The Weird Pregnancy Symptoms No One Told You About 

As you have seen, pregnancy brings a range of changes and surprises. From the morning sickness to the engorged breasts, these physical and mental transformations vary wildly from woman to woman. However, all expectant mothers should not worry. Every symptom is entirely typical and manageable if you stay informed and take good care of yourself. Remember that whatever weird experiences you might have during your pregnancy, you are beloved and always supported in your journey toward becoming a parent. After all, nothing is more beautiful than feeling a new life growing inside of you – no matter how strange those feelings may be.ent!

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