"Every mamma needs a 123 Baby Box”

 1,400 hours that’s the average time new moms spend researching products for their babies.  From the latest and greatest products to the organic baby food. Moms spend a lot of time and money on their babies. But what if we could cut those costs, and what if we could cut that research time and what if it could all be delivered to your front door? That’s 123 Baby Box.

123 Baby Box is a monthly subscription box for babies aged 0-3 years. From infants to toddlers, we are proud to be a part of your baby’s first few years of life! We love your baby and we’re here to make your life easier by bringing everything your baby needs directly to you. Stop wasting your time researching every baby product or wasting money on thousands of different products that aren’t right for your baby! We do all the hard work for you and cut out the guess work.

We know how hard it can be deciding which products are the best for your baby which is why we take pride in delivering boxes tailored to your baby’s age and developmental stage. From books and clothing to toys and diapers, Baby Box delivers it all!

This is more cost effective as you are bundling instead of purchasing every product individually which can get expensive. Saving time and money is one of our core values. Our team of experts thoroughly screen each product to ensure the best quality. We are able to bring you a variety of products ranging from the necessities to the most innovative game changing products. We’re only here to make your life easier!

Did we mention, 123 Baby Boxes are perfect for baby showers? Why give one gift when you can gift a variety of products for a low cost? They’ll love opening a present every month.

We didn’t forget about you, mama! Each box comes with goodies for mamma too! Moms don’t get thanked enough, so we always make sure to include some treats for her too.

There are approximately sixty six million babies in need all across the world. Not having access to proper nutrition or care is daunting for any parent. 123 Baby Box is proud to support local charities and orphanages that provide babies with the proper care they need to survive. Together we can cut costs and help babies, and who doesn’t want to help babies?!

Nobody is there to hold your hand during parenthood but we will.

A true “no brainer” for the savvy mamma