Best Nursing Pillows for Breastfeeding Moms and Babies

When you are nursing, the process can be both exhilarating and challenging at the same time. At this time, having a nursing cushion by your side might make things much more straightforward. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 5 nursing pillows of 2023!

What Is a Nursing Pillow?

Breastfeeding presents a learning curve for the majority of individuals. There will be numerous little things to master, such as putting your infant in a pleasant nursing position for both of you. 

A nursing pillow aids this endeavor by elevating your infant next to your breast. Nursing pillows rest in your lap and extend around your body to provide a stable and comfortable surface for positioning your infant for breastfeeding. Additionally, they reduce neck, arm, and back strain, making nursing more straightforward and enjoyable for you and your infant.

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Why A Nursing Pillow

For new moms, the idea of breastfeeding can be daunting. But fear not! You don't necessarily need to run out and purchase a fancy nursing pillow to make the experience more accessible. However, many women find nursing pillows beneficial during those first few months. Not only does the unique design support your baby, but many pillows come with additional bonuses like pockets for storage, removable covers for easy cleaning, and even adjustable straps for a better fit. And for moms who opt for bottle feeding, nursing pillows can still come in handy for making those late-night feedings more comfortable. Overall, while not necessary, nursing pillows have their benefits.

When You Will Need a Nursing Pillow

While your baby gains more head and neck control after four to six months, nursing pillows can still come in handy. They're great for supervised tummy time, offering extra support and comfort for your little one during this crucial developmental period. And when your baby wants to be held but can't yet sit up on their own, a nursing pillow can cradle them safely while giving them a better view of their surroundings. All in all, nursing pillows are an essential tool for any breastfeeding mother.

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Mom nursing baby

Top 5 Nursing Pillows of 2023

  1. Nook Niche - Organic Nursing Pillow with GOTS Cotton Fill

Most people are familiar with the classic crescent shape when it comes to nursing pillows. But have you ever seen a funky, square design? The unique nursing pillow in question stands out in terms of aesthetics and materials. Made from soft Organic Kapok; the filling is gentle and comfy for both mom and baby. And let's not forget about the natural water- and stain-resistant cover, made from organic cotton and eucalyptus. But the pebble design sets this pillow apart, which helps maximize airflow and keep the baby at ease and safe while feeding or lounging. If you're looking for a nursing pillow as stylish as it is functional, this one's worth considering.

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  1. My Best Friend - Twin Nursing Pillow

As a new parent, juggling even one newborn is a massive feat - imagine two! That's where the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow for twins comes in. Designed with the same high-quality materials and supportive cushioning as the original My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow, this product is specifically engineered for feeding two babies at once. With ample room for each little one and a flat cushion to prevent any unwanted rolling around, parents of multiples can rest easy (literally!) knowing their babies are secure and comfortable during feeding times. The bonus of firm back support and a machine-washable plush cover makes this nursing pillow an essential item for any new parent with more than one bundle of joy.

  1. Dockatot - La Maman Wedge Nursing Pillow

Because of its ergonomic shape, it can curve around your body and provide the support you require to feel comfortable and confident when breastfeeding your young one. This pillow, however, is not just practical; it also has a fashionable appearance. The plush velvet cover is so soft and luxurious, and the chic design means you won't mind leaving it out in any room. And for c-section parents or anyone tired of hauling around a bulky pillow, the DockATot is the perfect solution. So sit and enjoy the bonding experience with your baby, knowing that you have the best support possible. 

Mom nursing baby with pillow

  1. Boppy Boppy - Original Nursing Support

Boppy is the original U-shaped breastfeeding pillow (introduced 25 years ago) and continues to be the most popular nursing pillow on the market. It is entirely machine-washable for those inevitable spit-ups or regrettable diaper explosions. The most significant feature is its versatility: it can cushion babies working on sitting, cradling a baby in a reclining position, and as a tummy time prop.

  1. My Best Friend - Deluxe Nursing Pillow

This pillow isn't a multi-tasker but an excellent nursing pillow with helpful features other pillows lack. Designed solely for supporting breastfeeding, The Deluxe Nursing Pillow has a back support cushion, attaches to itself in order for it to prevent it from moving out of place, and fully wraps around you. The genius front pocket is great for holding your water bottle, nipple cream, protein bar, or other goodies you might need while nursing. My Brest Friend provides a flatter surface than the Boppy, so the baby is stable and won't roll into the space between the pillow and the parent.

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Choosing The Right Nursing Pillow 

Hear ye, hear ye, noble mothers embarking on the sacred journey of breastfeeding! Discovering the perfect nursing pillow is like finding the elusive key to a treasure chest of breastfeeding success. As a queen ruling over the kingdom of motherhood, it's crucial to weigh up several factors when selecting the nursing pillow that caters to your royal needs and those of your precious prince or princess.

Dive into options with detachable covers for the ease of washing, adjustable harnesses for flexible use, and firm, supportive foam that ensures your little one's comfort and safety. This isn't just a pillow, dear mothers, it's a trusted companion that empowers you to maintain the extraordinary bond between you and your child, no matter where your journey through motherhood leads.

With the right nursing pillow in your motherhood arsenal, you can transform the routine feeding times into an enchanting dance of intimacy and connection. It's about creating a tapestry of memories that will forever echo in the corridors of time, imprinting the tender moments shared between you and your child.

Thanks to these recommendations for the finest nursing pillows out there, you're now equipped with the knowledge to embark on your quest and make a choice that will serve your royal family well. With every feed, you’ll be reminded of the profound strength and love that defines motherhood. Now, forge ahead, brave mothers, and conquer your breastfeeding journey with confidence and grace!

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