12 Top Tips for Newborn Photography

There’s a reason why the job outlook for photographers is expected to increase by 9% over the next decade. We rely on these professionals to capture important moments in our lives. And, few moments are more important than celebrating a newborn baby. 

Sadly, getting your little one to behave for the camera can be no easy task. Whether you’re taking the pictures yourself or working with a professional, it’s essential to know the basics of shooting photographs of babies. 

That’s why we made this guide. In it, we’ll walk you through twelve vital tips in newborn photography. 

1. Make Sure the Baby Is Warm

Babies aren’t very good at regulating their body temperatures. So, if the photo studio, or wherever you take the photos, is cold, your baby will be uncomfortable. And that’s going to lead to some poor pictures. 

Consider making the studio extra toasty (around 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit). It might make you sweat, but the baby will be cozy and sleepy. 

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2. Get the Camera On Eye-Level

Baby pictures are intimate. But taking them from high up can make the baby feel isolated in the shot. Be sure to get down on the baby’s eye level. That way, you can capture the baby’s eye contact, which will make for a great shot. 

3. Set Up Everything Before You Begin Shooting

You don’t want to wait for the baby to arrive at the photo shoot to begin setting things up. Sadly, the good moods that come with babies often have a time limit. That’s why it’s crucial to get the most out of every minute the baby is there. So take care of everything beforehand. 

4. Choose the Right Time of Day

A baby’s sleep schedule during their first year is incredibly erratic. That being said, they do tend to sleep more during certain parts of the day than others. 

Most of the time, that’s in the morning. The earlier you can take your newborn’s picture, the better. However, if your baby has a different time of day when they’re generally sleepy, then you can go with that!


Sleeping baby on its side with cute hat



5. Utilize Natural Lighting

Natural light is preferable for newborn photography for a lot of reasons. First, it’s not as bright and abrasive. So it’s easier for babies to be around it for longer periods of time. 

Second, there’s just something magical about natural lighting. When the sun comes through the window a certain way, it can truly make your baby look angelic. 

6. Switch to Silent Shooting Mode

Cameras with loud beeps and shutter clicks might not seem scary to us, but that’s because we’re used to them. 

For toddlers, these noises can be startling, which often causes crying in the middle of the photo session. You can avoid this by making sure that your camera is fully in silent mode before proceeding with the shots. 

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7. Don’t Rush Things

Newborn photography is not a quick process. You need to leave a lot of adjusting time before you get the perfect shot. Often babies are anxious, nervous, or uncomfortable during the first hour or two. 

Try some of these activities for 6-month-olds to get some of that energy out of them. Remember, don’t get frustrated, and don’t try to speed things up. 

Is your baby crying too much during the photoshoot? Learn about the cry-it-out method that allows your baby to self-soothe. 

8. Use the Continuous Shooting Setting

Babies move quickly. Often their expression can change on a second-by-second basis. That’s why we recommend switching your camera to a continuous shooting setting. 

This mode, also known as burst mode, allows you to capture moments that would otherwise be lost when shooting a single shot. 

9. Take the Pictures While They’re Young

It might feel early, but the best time for a baby picture is actually during the first two weeks of their life. Why? Because they’re the most sleepy during this time period. As such, it’s far easier to get a great shot. Plus, sleeping babies are adorable. 

10. Get Up Close

This tip is similar to getting on eye level. But it’s also a good idea to get your lens nice and close to the baby. This can provide an artistic profile shot of just their face. It’s much more intimate than other types of newborn photography. 

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Close-up shot of a child’s feet



11. Consider a Tripod

Certain types of babies are more active than others. If your baby falls in the overactive category, there’s a good chance they’ll be moving too much to get a good picture. 

In this case, we recommend using a tripod. This can help steady your shot and capture more movement from your newborn. 

12. Hire a Professional 

There are a lot of advantages to hiring a professional newborn photographer. For starters, they know all the technical skills to capture the perfect shot. However, there’s more to it than that. When you work with a photographer, it allows you to pay more attention to your baby. 

This is important because babies often experience separation anxiety when getting their pictures taken. So by being close on the sidelines, you can comfort your baby whenever they need it. 

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The Importance of Newborn Photography

We hope this informative guide helped you learn more about newborn photography. Remember that your child will never be a newborn again. And while it’s great to have some nice cellphone pictures of your baby, nothing can beat the real thing. 

That’s why we’d recommend investing in a quality newborn photographer. They can ensure that your child looks excellent during this adorable phase of their life. That way, you can remember them as a newborn forever.

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