30 Best New Mother Gifts

Bringing a newborn into this world is perhaps the most exciting time for any mom. Now it’s up to you to give her a gift almost as exciting! Here are 30 ideas.

A baby box subscription

Finding suitable toys for your baby can be difficult. It’s especially tricky with young kids because their needs and preferences are changing so fast. 123 Baby Box provides new moms with gift boxes tailored to their baby’s developmental stage, perfect for kids aged 0-3 years. 

Flower bouquet

Who doesn’t love flowers? A bouquet of roses or assorted bright flowers is sure to make a new mom’s day. These can even be flowers that she can plant and enjoy for years to come.

Personalized necklace

This can be with the new mom’s name, initials, or her name and her baby’s. The personalized touch will make this piece of jewelry that much more special. Remember to choose a necklace that won’t tarnish.


Being a new mom is exhausting. Sometimes, she just wants to throw on a robe and be comfortable. Gifting her a bathrobe is the perfect way to help her settle into motherhood.

Baby journal

Babies grow up so quickly that parents often forget to document some of the most critical moments. This journal encourages new moms (and dads!) to write down their baby’s milestones, such as first birthday, first word, and first haircut

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A meal subscription

Cooking is the last task on a new mom’s mind. Meal subscriptions take the stress and planning out of cooking, allowing Mom or Dad to whip up dinner quickly with prepped ingredients sent to their doorstep.

A nice water bottle

Hydration is critical for all of us, especially new moms. A nice reusable water bottle encourages Mom to drink and stay hydrated, a task that’s vital for her and her baby.

Sleep mask

New moms lack one thing in particular: sleep. A relaxing, comfortable sleep mask blocks out the light and encourages Mom to rest throughout the day as her baby does. Some sleep masks even come in memory foam!

Heavy-duty phone case

Uh-oh! Baby dropped Mom’s phone, and now it’s cracked. One more hassle for Mom to deal with. Gifting her a strong, protective phone case prevents this calamity and ensures Mom’s phone lasts for many years.

Oil diffuser

Aromatherapy is incredibly calming. It can help prevent dry skin, dry air, and fight against flu and cold germs to keep Mom healthy. Additionally, it promotes sleep and lowers mental stress.

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Cleaning services

Don’t make Mom clean the house, too! Instead, gift her cleaning services.


New moms do a lot of walking around the house. Slippers keep her feet cozy and comfortable. Some even come heated!

Spa treatment

What’s better than relaxing at the spa? This makes any new mom feel like a million bucks

Handprint keepsake photo kit

One of the greatest joys of motherhood is capturing moments and looking back on them. Moms can use this keepsake for their baby’s handprint, or even hers alongside the baby’s.

Gift basket

Gift baskets are fantastic because you can put an assortment of items in them. Consider a combination of other items on this list, such as slippers, a sleep mask, a diffuser, and more.

Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets promote deep, comfortable sleep. This is exactly what Mom needs!

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Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime offers free 2-day shipping on most items. When Mom needs something right away, this can be a life-saver!

newborn baby sleeping with mom

Bath salts

Give Mom the gift of a relaxing at-home bath with bath salts. These salts keep everything clean and encourage Mom’s body to heal.

A smart device like Echo Dot

Using only voice control, Echo Dot and other smart devices allow Mom to set reminders and get things done from afar.

Stroller organizer

Strollers carry a ton of baby supplies, from wipes to diapers to bottles. Help Mom keep it all organized.

A nice pair of leggings

Leggings are stretchy and comfortable, which is exactly what any new mom needs. You can choose from full-length leggings, ¾ leggings, and more.

Nursing bra

Mom’s body changes when nursing, and these comfortable sports bras accommodate a new mom’s chest size change.

Diaper organizer pouches

These pouches can hold diapers, creams, powder, wipes, and anything else that has to do with changing diapers. It’s tricky to stay organized as a new mom, and this can help.

A streaming subscription

Whether it’s Hulu, Netflix, or any other service, being able to relax and watch TV on-demand is a delightful gift for a new mom.

Travel mug

These often come in stainless steel and are temperature controlled. Moms are always on-the-go, and this helps keep their beverages at the right temperature.

Mobile photo printer

Moms are always snapping photos of their baby doing the cutest things, but printers are notoriously expensive and complicated. Why not give Mom an easy way to print photos of her new baby? You can never have enough of those!

Ice roller

Ice rollers are perfect for reducing inflammation on the face. They’re cool and feel great, especially in the morning or before bed.

Foot massager

There are few things in life more enjoyable than a foot massage. Mom won’t have to leave her house or pay for an expensive salon treatment with this gift. She can be treated to a foot massage at any time!

Massage gift card

When the at-home foot massager isn’t cutting it, Mom will want to go out and treat herself to a salon massage. These gift cards are perfect because they can be saved and used for when it’s needed most.

Lavender candle

Lavender scent is notoriously calming. It reduces stress and anxiety while increasing memory recall and work productivity. This candle is perfect for helping a new mom out.

Give Mom the gift of a happy baby. 123 Baby Box makes personalized subscription boxes filled with fun toys for her baby’s developmental stage. Perfect for ages 0-3. Learn more today!

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