February Babies: Fun and Interesting Facts to Know

What an incredible time to welcome a little bundle of joy into the world! If your precious little one arrives this February, prepare for an adventure. Your child is now part of an extraordinary club, brimming with unique and fascinating traits that are anything but ordinary!

From exciting facts and playful quirks to sharing a birthday with some truly remarkable people, being a February-born is a one-of-a-kind experience that will fill you and your child with wonder and excitement. Who knows what incredible adventures await your little one as they grow and discover all the unique things that make being a mid-winter baby unforgettable! So buckle up and get ready to learn more about what makes your child's birth month so extraordinary!

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Tall Individuals

Newborns born during the cooler months tend to be longer. That means babies born in February grow taller than those born in the summer.


Violet is the birth flower for February. It should be no surprise that the term violet refers to the flower's purple hue. You may be shocked that the Ancient Greeks employed violets in love potions since the flower signifies fertility and love. It makes me wonder why roses instead of violet are deemed Valentine flowers.

Creative Artist

Although each astrological sign can produce a Matisse or Michelangelo, February newborns are in a league of their own. Nonetheless, Aquarius-oriented infants may employ their creative abilities in a highly technological manner. People born earlier in the month may create work that engages the mind and provokes deeper thought. 

Well-Behaved Children

According to New Zealand studies, infants born in the winter season and the month of February are better behaved than those born in other seasons. The study team gathered data by observing the sharing, focus, fidgeting, thoughtfulness, and capacity to make friends of 4- and 5-year-olds. Furthermore, this study revealed that winter-born children, including those born in February, are much better behaved.

Aquarius or Pisces  

Before February 19, your child will be an Aquarius, a sign of brilliance, independence, and eccentricity. Aquarians are very adaptable, team-oriented, and dedicated to improving the world. The downside? Aquarians may be rebellious, which you may experience most strongly throughout your toddler years!

Infants born near the end of the month (February 19th or later), come under Pisces, a sign characterized by the fish and noted for being friendly, compassionate, and easygoing. They're generally skilled in the arts and possess a reservoir of empathy. Little fish might get lost in their own daydreams, so you may need to ground them.

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Advance Arrivals

If your doctor informs you that your due date falls between the winter months, prepare in advance! This research demonstrates that children born in February are more likely to be born early. This should not be a reason for fear, but it should motivate you to prepare your hospital bag weeks before your kid is due to arrive!


Amethyst is a lovely purple kind of quartz that may be found all over the globe. Throughout history, individuals of many civilizations have worn it as protection. Your February-born child may not utilize it to fend off intoxication or for defense in combat like the ancient Greeks or medieval Europeans, but they will be happy to wear it anyway.

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Frank and Honest

It would be difficult for your February-born child to lie (sometimes, even when required!). Straightforwardness and honesty are valuable attributes, and most February youngsters possess these. Your young one is likely not to sugarcoat reality, which may make him seem a little harsh. But this truly means he would be entirely sincere with no pretense or mask. 

Moreover, his criticism would be constructive. One thing's for sure with youngsters like these - as a friend, they would be honest, loyal, and entirely genuine! They would only want the best for the people they care about and would be sure to provide their unbiased opinion if they believe it may be of assistance.

Healthy Individuals 

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According to major research of almost two million individuals, the greatest news for those born in February is that they have a reduced overall illness risk and more disease prevention. Particularly, newborns born in February have a reduced risk for cardiovascular, reproductive, respiratory, and neurological ailments and additional protection against reproductive, respiratory, and neurological illnesses. 

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Strong Willpower and Emotional Strength

According to The Atlantic, the season in which we are born also affects our emotions. Winter-born kids are more mellow and robust, while summer-born babies are more susceptible to mood swings. Thus, your February baby has strong willpower and emotional strength.

Share Birthdays With Celebrities

February babies are more likely to become renowned. They share birthdays with Burt Reynolds, Ashton Kutcher, and Harry Styles. 

Rare Birthdays

2020 is a Leap Year, meaning there are 29 days in February, which is significant if you have a late-February due date! Just once every four years does a Leap Day occur, so if your child was born on February 29, they are among a select group of infants. 

In fact, as of 2016, there were just 187,000 Leaplings in the United States! Most of the time, you'll have to select whether to celebrate on February 28 or March 1, but they receive an EXTRA special birthday every four years.  

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Experience the Greatness of February Babies

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Wow, if your little one was born in February, you're in for a real treat! These babies are extraordinary, with health, honesty, artistry, and financial savviness just a few of the many traits that make them stand out.

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