21 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby's Development and Changes in Your Body

Roll out the red carpet, and prepare for the grand welcome to Week 21 of your astonishing pregnancy journey! You've hit a thrilling milestone, a testament to the miracles of life. Your precious little one, snug and secure, is evolving at an astonishing pace, their growth chart hitting new heights every day!

The wheels of change are turning rapidly, not just in your baby's world, but within you too, making this trimester a spectacular carousel of transformation. Your body, the beautiful vessel of life, is adapting and shifting, gracefully dancing to the rhythm of this miraculous journey.

We're your faithful companions through this profound metamorphosis, imparting wisdom and delivering steadfast support as you navigate the thrilling rapids of anticipation and change. This post is your looking glass, your telescope, focusing on the captivating details of your baby's development and the incredible changes that are painting new shades of wonder onto your own experience.

So, let's leap in! Let's unravel the mysteries and marvels that Week 21 has carefully tucked away for you! Prepare to be awed as we embark on this exciting exploration, as we journey through the spectacular landscape that is your 21st week of pregnancy. Buckle up and get ready for a ride filled with heartwarming insights, awe-inspiring changes, and the magical, miraculous dance of life that's unfolding right inside you!


How Big is Your 21 Week Old Baby?

Your tiny treasure, your bundle of joy, is on a growth spree, now measuring a whopping 17cm (7 inches) and tipping the scales at approximately 350g (12 oz).

Their adorable facial features are sharpening by the day, crafting a beautiful visage that's all their own. A perfectly formed nose, captivating lips, and a tiny tongue, all coming together in a breathtaking display of growth and development. But, get this - your little one now measures up to a gargantuan banana, stretching a remarkable 10-12 inches from crown to heel and packing a healthy 11-12 ounces.

The cozy sanctuary of your womb, once spacious and roomy, is starting to feel a tad snug for your ever-growing baby. Like a seasoned adventurer itching for new sights, your baby is beginning to outgrow their first home. Their next big adventure? Entering this wonderful world of ours, and meeting the amazing parents who've been eagerly awaiting their arrival! So, brace yourselves, parents-to-be. Your little one is growing swiftly, gearing up for the big reveal. The countdown to welcoming your baby into this world has officially begun!

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21 Week Old Baby Movement

With limbs looking more proportionate and movements becoming more coordinated, your baby is turning into quite the agile acrobat in there!

But that's not all! Have you seen the tremendous growth spurt your little one has gone through recently? It's like they've been sipping on a secret potion of rapid growth! You see, we've switched gears in our measuring methods. We're not just measuring from the crown to the rump anymore. Oh no, we've upped our game, and we're now measuring from the crown right down to the heel!

This switcheroo in measurement technique is like opening the curtains on a beautiful sunrise; it shines a light on the incredible growth your baby has achieved, explaining why they seem to have catapulted in size all of a sudden. Your little one is truly coming into their own, growing stronger, and more distinct with each passing day! Hold on tight, because this fantastic journey is only getting more thrilling by the minute!

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More Red Blood Cell for That 21 Week Old Cutie

woman holding a heart

Your child's body is working hard and growing quickly! Now that the liver and spleen have finished manufacturing blood cells, the bone marrow steps in to assist. This is a significant milestone because it signifies that your baby's body is becoming more independent and able to care for itself. It's astounding to consider all the miraculous processes occurring inside your womb to develop this new life!

Baby's Drinking

Your little one is growing up so fast! Did you know that your baby has now started to take in small amounts of amniotic fluid? While the placenta is still the main source of nourishment, this is an exciting milestone that shows their digestive system is developing and getting ready for the outside world. It won't be long now until they're enjoying all sorts of delicious treats!

21 Week Old Taste Buds Development

Exciting news! Your little one's taste buds are starting to develop and this week, there's a high chance they will taste whatever you eat! That's right, your baby is practicing swallowing and digesting by consuming small amounts of amniotic fluid every day. And here's the best part - the flavor of the amniotic fluid changes based on what you eat! From spicy enchiladas to sweet bananas, your baby is already experiencing a wide variety of tastes. In fact, research has shown that babies who were exposed to different flavors in utero are more likely to enjoy those same flavors after birth. So go ahead and indulge in those veggies because your baby might just follow in your footsteps!

Symptoms During 21 Week Pregnancy

First off, let's tackle the rollercoaster that is your sex drive. As you voyage on this extraordinary journey of life creation, your body's transforming, and with it, so are your sexual desires. The ebb and flow of your libido could see some ups and downs, mimicking the grandest of ocean waves. You might experience a surge of desire, or you may feel it waning. The key here is to remember - there's no 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Your feelings are as unique as your journey. If your libido decides to take a scenic route, dipping in the first trimester, peaking in the second, and then taking a leisurely stroll in the third, that's perfectly fine. Engaging in sexual activity during pregnancy is safe and sound, unless advised otherwise by your doctor or midwife.

Next up, the thundercloud of migraines. While mild headaches might be an unwelcome companion due to hormonal changes or dehydration, it's crucial to be on the lookout for the stormy signs of preeclampsia. If you're hit by a pounding headache, your vision starts playing tricks like blurring or flashing lights, or you experience a nagging soreness below the ribcage, ring up your midwife or maternity unit immediately. Swelling resembling a sudden tide rising in the face, hands, feet, and ankles, coupled with vomiting, can also be a telltale sign.

Lastly, let's shed some light on your crowning glory - your hair. You might notice your hair becoming a lustrous mane during pregnancy, thanks to hormonal changes leading to a slowdown in hair loss. However, post-birth, you might see some strands bidding you farewell. Fear not, this is perfectly normal and just a temporary parting. Most women find their hair makes a glorious comeback over time, with hair loss rarely lasting beyond 15 months post-birth, according to research. So, chin up, mama - your hair will reclaim its voluminous vibrancy in no time at all!

Food to Consume to Alleviate Anemia

healthy food

Want to boost your iron levels during pregnancy? There are several tasty and nutritious food alternatives that might help treat anemia.

As you are aware, anemia is a common blood illness that may affect both your health and that of your child. With a balanced and healthy diet, however, you can avoid or easily control its symptoms.

Whole grains such as brown rice, fresh leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli, and well cooked red meat are some of the greatest iron-rich foods to integrate into your diet. No worries if you're a vegan or vegetarian! As long as you ingest items from all dietary groups, including iron- and vitamin B12-rich alternatives like meat and fish, you may still maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. See your physician or midwife and begin consuming these delicious meals for a healthy and successful pregnancy!

Bonding With Your Baby

You are halfway through the process of becoming a parent; congrats! Did you realize that your young child can now hear your voice? Indeed, it is time to begin chatting or singing to your infant. This will assist them in recognizing your voice and increase their sense of connection with you. Furthermore, remember to encourage your companion to participate in the fun!

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Relieving Anxiety

As those tiny kicks turn into noticeable movements, the realization of becoming a parent is beginning to sink in. It's okay to feel conflicted or even scared about this major change in your life.

But guess what? You're not alone! Nearly all expectant parents experience anxiety and fear as they embark on this journey. It's a wild ride with twists and turns, but trust us, it's worth it.

Don't be afraid to open up about your worries and feelings. Talk to friends who have been through it before, and you'll likely find comfort in knowing that they felt the same way. And don't forget to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner, if you have one, because they may be feeling the same way. So hold on tight, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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Final Thoughts

Congratulations on nearing the end of your pregnancy journey! It's amazing to see how much your body has transformed to nurture your unborn baby. Enjoy these last few weeks and embrace the precious moments shared with your little one growing inside you. 

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