Best Potty Chairs for Stress-Free Potty Training

Potty training is a necessary milestone for parents and babies, but it can also be a major source of stress. But taking the right steps and having the right potty chair by your side can make the transition much smoother. In this blog post, we'll show you the best potty chairs to make potty-training an easier experience for everyone involved! From designs that both engage toddlers and save space to features that help reduce messes and provide comfort, you're sure to find something here that will make your life (and your toddler's) much easier during these crucial early months.

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Using a Potty Seat vs. a Potty Chair

When it comes to toilet training, you can choose between a kid-sized seat that fits on your standard toilet or a potty chair. 

Potty Chairs: 

Potty training can be a difficult step in a parent's life, but with the help of a trusty potty chair, it can become a breeze. These chairs sit low to the ground, so toddlers can easily climb on and off without assistance, making them the perfect tool to start on the journey to diaper-free days. Some even have added features like a removable seat to use on the big toilet, a wipes holder, or realistic flushing noises to make the transition to the bathroom less intimidating. However, it's important to note that the contents must be dumped into a regular toilet and the basin cleaned after each use, which may not be ideal for all parents. Additionally, the chair itself can take up valuable space in smaller bathrooms. Regardless, the pros of this helpful tool may outweigh any cons for busy parents in need of a little help on this potty-training journey.

Potty Seats:

Potty seats are a popular option among parents because they don't take up any extra bathroom space and are more portable than potty chairs. Plus, potty seats often come with larger handles to help your little one balance while they do their business. However, there is one drawback to potty seats - your child will need a step stool to reach the seat, and it will need to be removed from the toilet when grown-ups need to use it. Despite this minor inconvenience, many parents swear by potty seats as a must-have for successful potty training.

Do You Need a Potty Seat or Chair?

baby sitting on a potty chair

Potty training can be a tricky time for parents and toddlers alike, but deciding whether to use a potty chair or seat doesn't have to be one of the challenges. While some kiddos may be ready to jump right on the regular-sized toilet, others may feel more secure in a pint-sized version made just for them. For those who do opt for the actual toilet, a potty seat can be a great addition. It not only helps your little one feel more at ease, but also minimizes the chance of any unpleasant accidents. Don't forget to add a step stool, too, so your toddler can conquer the throne all on their own!

When Is a Toilet Stool Necessary?

Between the ages of 18 months and three years, you may find that your toddler's diapers are lasting longer between changes. That's a fantastic sign that your kid might be ready to learn how to use the toilet! A sudden interest in toilet training may also be a sign, as is an increased awareness when the diaper is wet or soiled.

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Best Potty Chairs

My Size Potty

Potty training can be a daunting task for both parents and children, but the My Size Potty makes the transition smoother and more comfortable. With its realistic design that looks and feels like an adult toilet, young ones will feel confident and at ease during potty time. Not only is it easy to use, but it also includes a built-in wipe compartment to promote healthy habits. The flush handle even rewards a job well done with a realistic sound to encourage and motivate your little one. And when it's time to clean up, the removable bowl makes it easy. This potty training seat also includes an integrated splash guard for boys and supports up to 50 lbs, making it the perfect potty chair for children 18 months and up.

Real Feel Potty

With its built-in splash guard and cushioned seat, this aqua-colored potty seat is inviting for both boys and girls. But what really sets it apart is its real flushing sound and cheering, making your little one feel like they're using a real toilet. The detachable seat also functions as a standalone training seat that can be used with any regular toilet once the time comes. Clean-up is a breeze with the custom-fit liners and removable inner bowl, and parents will appreciate the extendable rod for toilet paper and baby wipe compartment. Non-slip grips and a light, compact design make this potty easy to transport, ensuring that your child can continue their potty training journey with ease.

My Real Potty Training Toilet

Potty training your little ones can be a challenging task, but with the Nuby My Real Potty Training Toilet, it may become a little bit easier. This potty chair is designed to look and feel just like an adult version, making it a realistic and familiar experience for your child. The integrated splash guard ensures no mess, while the back tank fits full-sized wipes for easy cleaning. The real-life toilet flushing sound creates an immersive experience and the anti-skid rubber base keeps the chair stable during even the most enthusiastic potty training sessions. Give your child the best possible start to potty training with the Nuby My Real Potty Training Toilet.

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Making The Right Decision

baby holding a stuffed animal sitting on a potty chair.

When it comes to choosing the right potty tool for your child, there are a few things to consider to help make the process smoother. Space is an important factor to keep in mind, as you'll want to ensure you have enough room in your bathroom for the potty chair. Additionally, if you have more than one bathroom or frequently travel, multiple potties may be necessary. The inevitable clean up of potty training can be unpleasant, so decide if you're comfortable with the task of dumping and cleaning out the basin. Perhaps most importantly, consider your child's feelings - some may prefer a standalone potty chair, while others may feel more comfortable on a seat that attaches to the toilet. With the right gear and consistent training, potty training can be a successful and exciting milestone for you and your child.

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Making Potty Training Easier

We hope you found this article helpful in finding the right potty chair for your little one. As parents, it can be intimidating to start the task of potty training and having the right equipment makes a world of difference. Not only is it cost-effective and time saving to have the correct item, but an inviting piece of furniture sends a much needed message of love and support. Rest assured that there are plenty of choices that could suit both you and your child’s needs. Good luck on this journey, and as always, consider visiting our blog for additional tips on caring for your baby. 

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