Bjorn Crib vs Lotus: Which is the Best Choice for Your Baby's Sleep?

Ensuring a safe and comfortable sleep environment is at the forefront of every parent's mind. With the myriad of options available, the choice between the Bjorn Crib and the Lotus often stands out for modern families. Both have earned reputations for quality and design, but how do they truly stack up against each other? This article seeks to delve into this very comparison, highlighting the distinct features, benefits, and considerations of each to help parents make an informed choice tailored to their baby's needs.

Choosing the right crib can greatly influence your baby's sleep patterns and overall safety. So, if you're wavering between the Bjorn and Lotus cribs, or simply curious about their offerings, keep reading to glean a comprehensive understanding of what each brings to the nursery table.

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Design Aesthetics and Materials

The Babybjörn Travel Crib Light and the Guava Family’s Lotus Travel Crib & Play Yard are both well known for their appealing modern designs that resonate with today's parents. With designs reflecting the current era, both have breathable mesh sides that not only ensure good airflow but also offer a transparent view, letting parents keep an eye on their baby at all times. Despite the difference in the materials used for their frames – Babybjörn uses steel while the Lotus opts for aluminum – both materials are of top quality. Both cribs offer a robust frame that ensures your child's safety, providing parents peace of mind.

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Size, Weight, and Portability

A travel crib needs to be portable, and both the Babybjörn and the Lotus truly understand this need. With a weight of about 13 pounds, they are notably lighter than many competing travel cribs in the market. This lightweight nature is a boon for parents on the move, making transportation effortless, be it a short visit to the grandparents or a long overseas trip. When it's time to pack them up, both cribs are designed to be compact, ensuring they don't become a hassle during air travel or car journeys.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

Every parent appreciates products that simplify the cleaning process. Both the Babybjörn and Lotus cribs shine in this department. They are designed with detachable top fabric and mesh covers, ensuring parents can easily remove them for a machine wash. In addition to this, they are equipped with waterproof mattress covers that resist spills and can be wiped down with ease, keeping the baby's sleep environment clean and hygienic.

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Safety Standards

There's no compromise when it comes to the safety of a baby. The Travel Crib Light from Babybjörn and the Lotus crib are no exceptions and comply with all the necessary safety certifications. After rigorous testing, the Babybjörn has been awarded the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, which means it is devoid of any harmful substances that might harm the baby. On the other side, the Lotus boasts the GreenguardGold certification, highlighting its adherence to low chemical emission standards.

Ease of Assembly

Parents are often pressed for time, especially when traveling with a little one. Both these cribs are designed with this in mind. Although they might have different assembly methods, once parents get the hang of it, setting up either crib is a breeze, taking roughly a minute or so. The process of packing them up again is just as straightforward, making these cribs a true blessing for families that are always on the move.

Distinguishing the Two: Core Differences

Carrying Convenience

When it comes to transporting the packed cribs, there's a notable difference. The Babybjörn provides a duffel-style carry bag, while the Lotus offers a unique backpack-style bag. The backpack design of the Lotus is especially handy, allowing parents to have both hands free – a huge benefit in bustling scenarios such as airports.

Crib Accessibility

One distinguishing feature of the Lotus is its zip-down side door, something the Babybjörn doesn't offer. This door design facilitates easy access for parents to reach their baby, whether it's for a late-night feeding or just some soothing cuddles. This access point is not just a luxury but can be crucial for parents who might have back troubles or other mobility challenges.

Mattress Comfort

While both the cribs come with quality mattresses, there's a palpable difference in the comfort they provide. The mattress that accompanies the Babybjörn Travel Crib Light is distinctively thicker and cushier, suggesting a potentially superior sleep experience for the baby.


For many families, the price tag plays a pivotal role in decision-making. Both these cribs are somewhat comparable in price, but it's worth noting that the Babybjörn usually carries a slightly higher price point than the Lotus.

Versatility and Accessories

The Lotus has a slight advantage when it comes to versatility, thanks to its bassinet conversion kit. This addition, although sold separately, permits parents to morph their Lotus crib into a bassinet, giving enhanced visibility and ease of access to the baby. Also, both Babybjörn and Lotus sell crib sheets separately, but Guava Family (the brand behind Lotus) provides a broader range of accessory choices for their product, including everything from perfectly fitted sheets to playful Fun Shades.

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Making the Right Choice for Your Little One

In the competitive world of travel cribs, both the Babybjörn Travel Crib Light and the Lotus Travel Crib & Play Yard stand out as top contenders. The choice between the two largely comes down to individual needs and preferences. If the thickness and comfort of a mattress is your top priority and your travels are more by car, the Babybjörn could be the right fit. However, if you find yourself frequently flying or if you appreciate multi-purpose products and easier accessibility, the Lotus may be the way to go. Regardless of which one you opt for, rest assured that both are dedicated to providing a safe, cozy, and mobile sleeping environment for your little treasure.

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