10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Baby

They say that parents should not worry about their children listening to them as much as their children constantly watching them. 

Actions always speak louder than words.

The earliest months of a baby's life can help to inform their personality and mindset later. So, it's essential and helpful to begin involving your child in social customs as early as possible.

What baby remembers their first birthday party? Or their first Halloween party, for that matter?

Perhaps the tradition was created to ease new parents into the newfound roles of parenthood.

And if there is one tradition that seems to resonate with parents, it's Halloween. Parents seem to enjoy Halloween just as much as children.

Americans collectively spend over $10 billion every year on Halloween celebrations, decorations, candy, as well as costumes for themselves, children, and even their pets.

Over 78% of American parents admit that they steal some of their kid's candy haul after trick or treating! (A forgivable sin if your child is only several months old.)

So, if you want to induct your baby into the rite of Halloween, especially picking a Halloween costume suitable for an infant or small child, here are some things to consider.

But what to wear? And how much will it cost?

Initiating a baby into celebrating the tradition of Halloween doesn't have to break the bank. The average cost of an infant or small child's Halloween costume is about $30

Since $30 is the standard for a child's Halloween costume, you may look to paying a little more or less than $30 according to your financial situation and preferences.

Later we talk about what to consider when picking out a Halloween costume for a baby.

But now, here are ten Halloween costume suggestions for the baby.

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Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes

Cute baby dressed in Halloween costume.

What Halloween costume suits your cute baby?

It's a question that could lead to paralysis of choice. There are too many options to consider. 

Also, parents may have difficulty choosing because they are stuck picking a costume that may correspond to their child's personality against an outfit that projects the parent's pop culture influences.

No, not a problem that will knock the world off its axis. But Halloween is about tradition and initiating your little one into it. So, of course, it is essential to you.

So, here are ten Halloween costume ideas for babies for you to consider.

Baby Dinosaur

America has had a love affair with mascot and baby dinosaur characters forever. From the Flintstone's Dino to the Dinosaurs sitcom to the animated Godzilla cartoon featuring his son, baby, and miniature dinosaurs have always been cute.

So, what would be cuter than a Baby Dinosaur-themed Halloween costume? 

A Baby Dinosaur costume with paws, horns or even some monster eye attached to the hood will only accentuate the snuggly cuteness of your young one.

Baby Skunk

Halloween costumes can always be played straight, but you can always subvert expectations. A playful Baby Skunk Halloween costume will look imaginative, whimsical, and adorably sweet on a baby.

Additionally, all parents who have ever changed a diaper can lovingly relate to the tolls of parenting when they see that furry white stripe down the back of this cute costume.

Bumble Bee

Bees are swift, buzz about, are curious, make life all that sweeter, and spread that sweetness around.

It sounds like the perfect description of an adorable baby crawling or running around the house and learning its environment for the first time!

And there is no cuter or sweeter sight than a baby in a yellow and black striped bee costume with wings, booties, and a hood or headpiece featuring antennae. 


Unicorns are mythical creatures of legend believed to have a straight pointed horn protruding from their forehead. It is a beautiful and magical horned horse, a creature that has heard of but doesn't believe in until they see it.

Witnessing a unicorn can also metaphorically describe what it is like for new parents entering parenthood, protecting their baby like it is the only one in the world.

Be the envy of the Halloween party when others see your little one adorably dressed in a jumpsuit decorated with light colors, booties, and a horn on the hood or headpiece.


Parenthood can be an out-of-this-world experience. So, a Halloween Baby Astronaut costume can be a fitting choice.

Every parent wants their child to shoot for the stars and be the best they can be, so Baby Astronaut could be right for you.

Baby Yoda

Whether or not you are a sci-fi or Star Wars fan, you have probably heard of the Mandalorian streaming TV show. And you have probably heard of the Baby Yoda character or even bought merchandising related to it.

(No, it is not actually Baby Yoda, but that is another thing entirely.)

Your baby dressed as Baby Yoda is undoubtedly going to get some heads turning.


Every parent wants to get their child interested in healthy eating as early as possible, so why not dress the baby as an adorable Baby Avocado? 

A Baby Avocado Halloween costume is cute, adorable, and will remind everyone of the importance of healthy eating.


They say mermaids have no fear of great depths and avoid shallow depths to explore the great unknown. 

So, why not dress your baby as a beautiful and mythic mermaid?

Baby Granny

The great responsibility of being a parent is imparting your experience and wisdom in raising and helping mold your child's personality. And that is usually done with the help of grandparents.

Dress the baby up as Baby Granny to get a tickle out of the grandparents and show how your baby is wise beyond its years.


If there is any costume that is size appropriate for a baby, it's a Baby Gnome Halloween costume. Make sure to get a costume with an adorable beard connected to a costume or one-piece.


Baby dressed as Santa’s Helper while asleep.

When choosing a Halloween costume for a baby, don't just think about the cuteness factor.

Consider if the costume is practical, age-appropriate, and easy to get into and out of. Get a costume that does not have small accessories or parts that could disconnect and pose a choking hazard.

Have the baby try on the costume before you go to a party or trick or treating. You will want to make sure the costume does not irritate or scratch its soft skin.

And make sure the baby's costume can be put on and taken off quickly for immediate diaper change accessibility. 

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