The Best Pregnancy Apps to Help You Through Your Baby's Journey

From tracking nutrition intake to organizing doctor appointments, several innovative apps help make this time as stress-free as possible for mom and her baby! In this blog post, we will explore some of the best pregnancy apps available - you'll find everything you need here! 

Best Apps of 2023 To Help With Your Pregnancy

Baby Center

With weekly updates on your pregnancy stage, this app has articles, slideshows, videos, and unique information for high-risk pregnancies. You can even create a pregnancy journal by taking pictures of your growing bump and searching for baby names by meaning or theme. After giving birth, the app seamlessly transitions to providing parenting advice for your baby's first year. All of this is free, making this app a must-have for any expecting or new parent.

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This one is free and offers a captivating week-by-week experience to monitor your baby's development. This app is your pregnancy companion from the first trimester to delivery. It includes a to-do list, hospital luggage checklist, birth plan, and appointment tracker to help you stay organized. Additionally, the pregnancy journal feature allows you to export your memories as an ebook that you can keep eternally. The application also includes tools for monitoring your baby's movements, such as a kick counter and contraction timer, to help you determine when to travel to the hospital. With all these resources, it's no surprise that the Sprout app has become popular among expectant mothers.

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WebMD Pregnancy App

With this app, you'll receive doctor-approved tips and health information to help guide you through each stage of pregnancy. Not only can you track your baby's growth with interactive images, but you can also keep a record of your weight, blood pressure, and baby kicks - something your OB will ask you about at appointments. Additionally, the app includes a symptom tracker and suggested questions to ask your doctor, ensuring you're always prepared for appointments. As you approach your due date, the WebMD Pregnancy app's handy contraction counter and hospital bag checklist will be invaluable. Best of all, this app is entirely free and available for iOS users.

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The Ovia Fertility app is one gem that can help women track their menstrual cycle and fertility for free. If you're trying to get pregnant, this app could be your new best friend. You can track your period and log other important information like your morning body temperature and cervical fluid to pinpoint the exact time of ovulation. The cherry on top is the fertility "score" the app calculates for you, so you know exactly when you're most fertile. And if you have irregular cycles, don't fret—the app's algorithm can help you understand it all. So why wait? Download the Ovia Fertility app today and take control of your reproductive health for free.

Full Term

When monitoring your contractions, it is essential to have a dependable and user-friendly instrument. Fortunately, there is an app available that can significantly simplify matters. You can start and stop your contraction timer with the touch of a button, allowing you to document the duration and frequency of your contractions easily. And with the ability to add notes to each contraction, you can keep track of their intensity and any other pertinent information. Best of all, this instrument is entirely free. So why worry about determining whether your contractions are Braxton Hicks or the real deal?

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What To Expect

There's an app that can provide all the pregnancy knowledge you need right at your fingertips, and it's completely free! The app includes videos, week-by-week baby development tracking, and comprehensive information about different aspects of pregnancy. It's like having a personal pregnancy guru in your pocket! Although the app might not be as valuable after your baby is born, during your pregnancy, it's an invaluable resource that expectant mothers won't want to be without.

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Imagine being able to have a calm and peaceful childbirth experience without the need for medication. Thanks to The Positive Birth Company's app, you can achieve just that for $2.99. Whether at home or on the go, the app will guide you through timing your contractions while providing soothing ambient music and a calming voice countdown. With each contraction, you can record its intensity and track when a pattern emerges. When you receive the notification that you're in "real" labor, you'll be sure it's time to head to the hospital. This app will help you have a positive and empowering birth experience you'll never forget.

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Pregnancy can be stressful and anxious, and it's essential to prioritize your mental health. That's where Expectful comes in. This meditation app is designed for those on the journey to parenthood, helping you to relax and find inner peace through guided meditations. With sessions ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, there's something for everyone, regardless of experience level. You'll find meditations that cover emotional self-care, sleep stories, IVF, and even weekly pregnancy meditations and daily postpartum meditations. At just $12.99 a month or $69.99 a year, you can take care of your mental health without breaking your bank.

Picking The Best Pregnancy App 

Pregnancy is an exciting yet challenging journey - but with the right app, you can make it even more manageable. Finding the right one to suit your needs and preferences can be difficult, but with this blog post, you are better informed about what to look for and which ones are available. With these tools in your pocket, you can see how much easier your pregnancy journey can become! Whether it's tracking a baby’s growth or having access to professional advice, pregnancy apps are a great way to stay organized throughout your journey into motherhood. 

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