7 Best Developmental Toys for Babies: Make Learning Fun!

Did you know that nearly 140 million babies are born every year? Every well-meaning parent wants their child to be an intelligent and well-rounded individual. However, it's important to remember that this begins when your child is a baby. 

Developmental toys are a vital part of learning for newborns. But how do you find the best developmental toys for babies? Simple: exploring this buying guide! 

In it, we'll go over our seven picks for developmental toys sure to stimulate your baby. That way, they can get a head start on all the learning ahead of them. 

1. Fisher-Price Sloth Activity Socks

Babies need to start exercising when they're young. But they're not likely to do it on their own. The good news is that Fisher-Price Sloth Activity Socks give them a great incentive to do so. You put these sloth-shaped socks on your baby's feet. 

Then, when they catch your baby's attention, they'll kick their feet and reach for them. Altogether it's a great way to encourage their motor skills while also keeping their footsies nice and warm. 

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2. ORAPOH Jungle and Farm Tail Baby Early Education Toy

Just because your baby is too young to read doesn't mean they shouldn't get to enjoy books. The ORAPOH Jungle and Farm Tail Baby Early Education Toy is an excellent tool for them. It's basically a book that teaches them about animals by containing a small cotton toy on each page. 

It's a great way to teach them about animal associations early on in the process. And you don't need to panic about leaving the baby along with it. The material is non-toxic and washable, so it's no problem if they get it in their mouth. 

3. Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether

There aren't many developmental toys that grow along with your child. However, the Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether is one of them. When your child is an infant, they can use the toy as a teether and rattler. 

Then, when they get older, the toy incorporates beads and stretchy strings into the process. This toy is great because it teaches them both fine motor skills and different colors. People looking for a versatile piece of developmental learning should search no further. 

4. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is another toy parents love because of its versatile nature. Though the product looks like it's just for walking, the panel on the toy can come off. You can set it on the ground, becoming an excellent toy for your toddler still crawling around. 

When your baby can sit up and reach for things, you can place the panel back on the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. Then, when your baby starts to walk, they can use the toy for cruising all around the house. 

5. Disney Mickey Mouse Tower Box Puzzle

Simple puzzles are a great way to start teaching your baby logic skills. However, make sure to choose a simple, twenty-four-piece one like the Disney Mickey Mouse Tower Box Puzzle. We like this puzzle because it's simple and colorful, and durable. 

Plus, it features the instantly recognizable Mickey Mouse. So, it's a good way to start teaching your baby about his beloved character. 

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Hands stacking developmental blocks


6. Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes

Think your baby will be the next big composer? Consider investing in Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes. This toy is cute and tiny enough for babies to play with it appropriately. It features seven buttons, each playing its classical music tune. 

It's an excellent way to start teaching these iconic tunes to your child. The only downside to the toy is that it does require AA batteries. So you will need to have those on hand. 

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7. Niskite Inflatable Tummy Time Water Play Mat

Tummy time is incredibly important for babies. That being said, it's still just not that fun. The Niskite Inflatable Tummy Time Water Play Mat is the solution to this problem. 

You fill the mat with water; then your child lays on it. Creative shapes and aquatic toys will keep your baby engaged while they work on building important muscles. 

Is There an Easier Way to Get the Best Developmental Toys? 

We know that buying guides like this makes it easy to find the perfect toy for your baby. But what if there was an even easier way? That's the mindset that helped us start 123 Baby Box. We're a business full of moms that are passionate about making babies' lives better. 

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The Importance of the Best Developmental Toys for Babies

There are numerous studies that point out how vital play is between parents and babies. Not only does it promote bonding, but it also aids in their development. And that's even more true if you use toys like the kind found on this list. 

These toys go a long way toward teaching important recognition and motor skills. However, there's another reason you'll want to invest in developmental toys. 

More research suggests that children who don't get the intellectual development that they need when they're young develop learning disabilities. This is just one more reason to invest in these types of toys.

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