5 Best Baby Winter Hats for Your Little Ones

No, it hasn't been your imagination. Winters are getting significantly colder each year due to climate change. This shows just how important it is to invest in quality winter hats for your children. 

But how do you find the best baby winter hats? And what features should you pay attention to? If you want to discover the answers to these questions, then it's your lucky day. 

In this guide, we'll show you five of our favorite baby winter hats and answer any questions you have about them—that way; you know exactly which one is right for your newborn. 

1. North Face Baby Bear Suave Oso Beanie

You can go full mamma-bear by turning your toddler into a cub with the North Face Baby Bear Suave Oso Beanie. This baby winter hat is significant for two reasons. 

First, it's just all sorts of adorable. Second, it has a great hook and loop chin strap for securing the hat. So if your baby is always managing to wriggle out of their hat, this is an excellent option. 

2. Simple Joys by Carter's Unisex Babies' Hat and Mitten Set

If you're on a budget, look at the Simple Joys by Carter's Unisex Babies' Hat and Mitten Set. For one thing, this product is already incredibly affordable. 

But, on top of that, it also comes with an included mitten set. This two-for-one deal makes this hat an excellent value for families who can't afford expensive hats. 

3. Hanna Andersson Soft Alpaca Bonnet

If you want a hat that can be worn both outside and inside, then it looks no further than the Hanna Andersson Soft Alpaca Bonnet. The soft alpaca fur makes this an incredibly comfy pick. 

And the lightweight nature of the bonnet means your child can quickly wear it to bed too. Plus, the fabric does an excellent job of staying intact after multiple washes. That being said, you will need to hand wash it. 

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4. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Fleece Trapper Hat and Mitten Set

No one can beat the classic look that comes with a trapper hat. The Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Fleece Trapper Hat and Mitten Set capture this iconic hat style for babies. This is a good option for nights that are cold but not freezing. 


Child with a winter hat on a sled



5. Skida Alpine Infant Hat

If you live in areas that have fierce winters, look no further than the Skida Alpine Infant Hat. People in Vermont made this hat, so you know it can withstand intense temperatures. 

The fleece-lined interior ensures that the heat stays on the inside of the hat. Plus, the exterior material provides UPF 50+. So it will protect your baby's head from the sun. 

If your baby doesn't wear a winter hat, there's a good chance they could catch the flu. Read this guide to learn what to do if this happens. 

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Features to Look for in Baby Winter Hats

It can be challenging to know exactly what to look for in a baby winter hat. For starters, you should search for soft material. Plush fleece or alpaca wool are both excellent options. Whatever you do, avoid scratchy materials. 

At worse, this can make your baby uncomfortable. But if they have extra-sensitive skin, it can be a medical hazard. Next, make sure the hat isn't too heavy. Again, this can make sure babies are uncomfortable. You also want the winter hat to be secure but not too fast. 

By that, we mean it shouldn't be constricting hard enough to numb or pinch them. But it should be safe enough that it stays on and keeps the heat contained near their heads. Lastly, get a little creative with the style of the hat. 

There are plenty of excellent baby winter hat designs, both handmade and factory-made. Search for one that speaks to you. You may like Disney movies and want a hat that reflects that. Or perhaps you prefer plain hats? 

Regardless choose something that adds a little personality to your baby. Lastly, consider what you're going to use it for. Using a hat on a cold airplane is a lot different than one in a snowstorm. So choose accordingly. 


Toddler with a colorful winter hat


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The Importance of the Best Baby Winter Hats

The colder temperatures aren't the only reason you want to invest in the best baby winter hats. Studies show that large amounts of heat are lost through infants' heads. The reason for this is the excess surface area of the skin. 

The good news is that simply putting a hat on the baby reduces a significant amount of the dry heat that's lost. This study points toward the importance of winter hats in keeping your little ones warm during the colder weather. Remember, the comfier they are, the comfier you'll be.

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