8 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby's Development and What to Expect

Many life changes await soon-to-be parents, some of which start well before the arrival of the baby. Your unborn child will have made remarkable development leaps between weeks four and eight of pregnancy. Here's what to anticipate at this point in your miraculous pregnancy, from physical growth to new skills developed within the womb.

How Many Months Is 8 Weeks Pregnant?

Wondering how many months 8 weeks pregnant equates to? The answer is 2 months pregnant, which falls within the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Being able to understand the conversion of weeks to months during pregnancy can be challenging, especially when tracking such an unforgettable time. Due to the baby's rapid development, pregnancy is typically measured in weeks instead of months.

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Your Baby at Eight Weeks of Age

At 8 weeks gestation, your baby has a rapid fetal heartbeat and facial features, fingers, and toes are beginning to develop. There is further growth occurring:

  • Facial Features: The lips, nose, and eyelids of the face are maturing and becoming more distinct.
  • Cardiac Activity: The cells that will eventually form your baby's heartbeat between 150 and 170 times per minute, roughly twice as fast as your own. You will likely be able to hear and/or see your baby via ultrasound at your 8-week appointment.
  • Baby's Sex: It is too soon to determine a baby's sex as the organs have not yet fully developed. You will be able to determine whether you will receive non-invasive prenatal testing in the coming weeks. If you are not, the 20-week ultrasound will likely be able to determine the fetus' gender.
  • Fingers and Toes: According to the Mayo Clinic, your infant's fingers and toes are currently webbed and developing. In addition, their tail is nearly nonexistent.

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Ultrasound of a Pregnancy at 8 Weeks

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At the 8-week ultrasound, your doctor will listen for a heartbeat, or two. The ultrasound is where the news of twins will be revealed. You probably won't feel any fetal movement at 8 weeks, but an ultrasound may reveal some twitches. At 0.63 inches in length and 0.04 ounces in weight, your developing child is about the size of a raspberry.

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Your Body at 8 Weeks Pregnant

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Morning Nausea

Since your body is rife with pregnancy hormones, your primary objective may be to get through the day without feeling nauseous. Most women start feeling sick around 5 or 6 weeks pregnant, and it gets worse around week 9. Don't give up; morning sickness typically subsides after the first trimester.

Sense of Smell Changes

You may not like smells that you once enjoyed or barely noticed. This can make you feel sick and decrease your appetite. Try to avoid odors that make you queasy until further notice. This symptom should improve during the second trimester.

Mucus Plug

Even though you can't feel it, the mucus on your cervix is starting to harden into a cervical plug. This plug will keep bacteria from getting into your uterus. When your body gets ready for labor and the cervix starts to open, your mucus plug will probably come out. That means that the baby will soon come out.


As your uterus grows, it can cause mild cramping by pulling on your muscles and ligaments. Cramps can also feel like gas or an infrequent need to use the restroom. Minor cramps can be relieved by sitting or lying down, changing positions, soaking in a warm bath, and drinking additional water. Call your doctor immediately if you experience painful cramps, which may indicate a pregnancy problem or a UTI.

Acne Appears

Additionally, these hormones can cause acne during pregnancy. Your skin may begin to produce more sebum, its natural oil, which can clog pores. 

Moreover, these hormones can contribute to acne during pregnancy. Your skin may produce more sebum, its natural oil, which can lead to clogged pores. Numerous acne creams and medications cannot be used or consumed during pregnancy, regardless of where they were purchased. Consult your physician first if you are uncertain about something. Some common active ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide, have not been thoroughly studied, so your doctor may only allow you to use them in small doses or for a brief period of time.

Vivid Dreams

This is a common pregnancy symptom, so you should not be alarmed.


Unfortunately, pregnancy can cause a variety of bathroom problems. Digestion may be affected by the hormone relaxin, which helps relax muscles to make room for a growing baby. To eliminate constipation, consume more fiber, drink plenty of water, and stay active. In extreme circumstances, pregnant women are generally safe to take Metamucil daily.


Spotting is a very common sign of pregnancy. Spots during pregnancy shouldn't worry you, even if they are caused by an irritated cervix or implantation. 

No signs of pregnancy at 8 weeks? That's also perfectly fine. Hold on tight and have fun.

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Understanding Your 8 Week Pregnancy 

Fasten your seatbelts, parents-to-be, you're about to embark on the exhilarating ride through the eighth week of pregnancy! Now, every pregnancy is as unique as a snowflake, but we've gathered some insights to give you a glimpse into the miraculous transformation that's likely unfolding right now.

Time to power up! Your superpowers of growing a new life are at full throttle, and it's crucial to fuel your body with the recommended vitamins and supplements. Eating a rainbow of nutrient-rich foods and adhering to a regular exercise routine can supercharge your strength and wellbeing throughout this exciting journey.

But remember, you're not alone on this adventure! Connecting with fellow parents-to-be can transform your experience. Share stories, exchange advice, laugh, and commiserate, either face-to-face or virtually. You'll find it's an invaluable source of comfort and camaraderie during these transformative times.

Got more questions? Need more guidance? Eager for tips on prepping your little one for life beyond the womb? Don't fret! Swing by our website. Packed with practical advice and heartfelt insights, it's the perfect companion for this beautiful journey you're on. Buckle up, it's going to be an amazing ride!

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