10 Tips for Traveling with an Infant Car Seat

There are many reasons why parents choose to fly with their baby in a car seat. For one, it allows babies to be in their own safe space during takeoff and landing. Additionally, it ensures that the baby will have a comfortable place to sleep during the flight. Most importantly, it gives parents the peace of mind of knowing their baby is as safe as possible while in the air. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that more and more parents are choosing to fly with their baby in a car seat.

If you're a parent planning on traveling with their baby soon, you'll want to read this post! We've put together ten tips to help your trip go smoothly. From choosing the right car seat to packing for your baby, we've got you covered. 

1. Make Sure Your Car Seat Is FAA-Approved for Air Travel

Each airline has its own policies regarding car seats, so it's of the utmost importance to check before you travel. Some airlines allow passengers to bring a car seat on the plane and use it during the flight, while others require that the seat be placed in a storage bin during takeoff and landing. Still, other airlines don't allow car seats on the plane at all. So if you're planning to travel with a baby, check the policies of your chosen airline before you book your tickets.

2. Invest in a Travel Bag Specifically Designed for Car Seats

These bags make it easy to transport your car seat through the airport without lugging around a heavy and awkward item. They also protect your car seat from dirt and damage while in transit.


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3. Pre-book Your Seat on the Plane

This will ensure that you can get a seat with enough space for your car seat. Keep in mind that most airlines require you to pay for a ticket for your infant even if they're sitting in your lap, so factor that into the cost of your trip.

4. Download the Apps for Your Airline and Airport Ahead of Time

This will help you keep track of flight times and gate changes while you're on the go. It will also make checking in a breeze.

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5. Arrive at the Airport Early

This will give you plenty of time to check in, get through security, and find your gate without feeling rushed or stressed. It's always better to arrive early and have some time to relax before boarding than it is to arrive just in time and feel frazzled from the start of your trip.

6. Dress Yourself and Your Baby in Comfortable Clothing

You want to be able to breastfeed or change a diaper quickly and easily while on the plane, so choose clothes that offer easy access. Consider dressing in layers in case the cabin temperature fluctuates during the flight. And don't forget to pack a blanket or shawl for yourself and your baby—airplanes can be chilly!

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7. Pack Snacks and Drinks for Yourself and Your Baby

Breastfeeding babies need to eat more often than usual when flying, so bring along some snacks like cereal puffs or dry crackers to tide them over between meals. And be sure to stay hydrated yourself—flying can be dehydrating! Pack an empty water bottle to fill up after you've gone through security. 


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8. Ask For Help When You Need It

Don't be afraid to ask fellow passengers or flight attendants for assistance if you need it—that's what they're there for! If you need help carrying your bags or getting your baby settled into their seat, just ask—chances are someone will be happy to lend a hand.

9 Bring Along Some Toys or Books

Babies can get fussy on long flights, so pack a few small toys or books to keep them entertained during takeoff and landing.

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10 RELAX! 

If you've ever had to maneuver through a plane with a baby in a car seat, you know it can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many things to keep track of - the baby, the seat, your carry-on luggage - and it can all be a bit overwhelming. The most important thing is not to let yourself get too stressed out about traveling with an infant car seat. Flying with a baby doesn't have to be complicated—follow these tips, and you'll be breezing through airports in no time!   

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Installing the Car Seat

Installing a car seat on a plane is easier than you might think! All you need is a few simple supplies, and you'll be all set. First, find a seat that has a lap belt AND a shoulder belt. If you can't find one with both, it's ok - you can still do it! Next, put the baby in the car seat and buckle them in. make sure the harness is snug so they can't wiggle out. Now, take the shoulder belt and thread it through the top of the car seat. Once it's threaded all the way through, clip it back onto itself, so it's nice and secure. Finally, take the lap belt and thread it around the bottom of the car seat, being careful not to twist it. When you're all done, give everything a tug to ensure it's nice and tight - you don't want your baby going anywhere!

Traveling with an infant car seat doesn't have to be complicated or stressful—just follow these ten simple tips, and you'll be ready for takeoff!

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