Everything You Need to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

When it comes to welcoming your little one into the world, there is definite excitement – and a lot of preparation to be done! While you eagerly anticipate with anticipation for labor and delivery, packing your hospital bag should not be forgotten on your To-Do list. Knowing what to pack in your hospital bag ahead of time will help ensure that you have all the essentials needed for both mommy and baby throughout their stay at the hospital. The feeling of being completely prepared is empowering and lessens unnecessary stress during this special moment. Read on as we provide an essential guide with helpful tips on creating an organized checklist tailored specifically to you so that come delivery day, all focus can remain where it matters.

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What is a Hospital Bag?

woman packing a hospital bag

For expecting mothers, preparing a hospital bag is an important part of the baby delivery process. This bag should contain all the items needed for both mother and baby’s comfort during their stay in the hospital. For mothers, items such as comfortable clothes, pajamas or nightgowns, slippers, toiletries such as shampoo and toothbrush, phone charger and credit cards should be included. For baby's needs, items like onesies or other clothing that can close in the front easily, diapers of multiple sizes to fit your growing bundle of joy and baby wipes will prove essential. Pack everything early enough so that you have time to add any last minute touches without feeling rushed. Ensuring you have all these items packed well ahead of time will help keep mommy stress levels low during what can already be a very exciting yet chaotic experience.

For You (The Mom): 

  • A robe (or two) – You’ll want something comfortable to slip into between visitors or when it’s time to sleep. 
  • Slippers – Comfort is key during this special time! Make sure you have something comfy on your feet while you’re walking around the hospital. 
  • Nursing bras – If you plan on nursing, these are an absolute must-have in your bag. You can always pack other lingerie for afterward if that’s more your style. 
  • Toiletries – Don’t forget the basics like toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, and body wash. Chances are, the hospital will provide some but it never hurts to be prepared with some of your own products just in case! 
  • Nursing pads – Once those postpartum hormones kick in, leaking can become an issue! Stock up on nursing pads so that you don't ruin any clothes or sheets at home afterwards.  
  • Hair ties and bobby pins – After giving birth, chances are that you won’t feel like doing much with your hair. It might be helpful to keep it off your face so bring along some hair ties and bobby pins just in case!  
  • Change of clothing – Pack at least one outfit for going home so that way when it's time to leave the hospital, it's easy breezy!  

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For The Baby:

  • Onesies & sleepers – Bring 2-3 onesies and sleepers depending on how long you plan on staying at the hospital after delivery. Keep in mind that newborns tend to go through a lot of clothing changes throughout their first week or two due to diaper leaks and spit-ups!
  • Blankets & swaddles – Pack 1-2 blankets depending again on how long you plan on staying at the hospital after delivery. Swaddling can help calm babies down during those first few days if needed.
  • Burp cloths & diapers - Diapers and burp cloths will be provided by the hospital but if there's a specific type that works best for the baby then it may be worth packing some extras from home!  • Pacifier (if desired) - Not all babies take pacifiers but if yours does then definitely throw one in the bag before leaving home!
  • Hat & mittens - Even though they may only stay in them for a day or two while they're still adjusting to their new environment outside the womb, hats and mittens are essential items for keeping babies warm during their first few days out in the world!   

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Tips for Packing

Organization Is Key 

Now that the essentials are on your list, it’s time to start packing! Keep in mind that organization is key – this will make packing much easier and make sure that no items get forgotten along the way. Consider using different bags or containers to keep things organized - this could be anything from gallon-sized Ziploc bags to small reusable containers with lids. This also makes it easier when you’re unpacking after delivery! 

Make Dressing Easier 

When choosing clothing for both mom and baby, think about comfort first but also consider practicality too - it helps if items can easily go on or off without much effort. This could include button down shirts instead of pullovers or wrap-around nursing gowns instead of traditional nightgowns. 

Things To Leave At Home

luggage hospital bag

Though it may seem like a good idea now (especially if this is your first baby), try not to overpack the hospital bag! There are some items that just aren’t necessary at the hospital such as jewelry or expensive clothing items. The hospital will provide most of the necessities such as towels and washcloths so there is no need to bring those either. And lastly, remember that babies come with their own supplies such as strollers/car seats so those should stay in the car until after the baby arrives! 

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Packing The Right Hospital Bag

Get ready for an epic adventure! The big day is near, and it's time to pack your bags! Imagine being armed with the perfect kit - toiletries, a change of clothing for mom, adorable onesies, and snuggly blankets for the baby. Our comprehensive checklist leaves no stone unturned, ensuring that both mommy and baby step out of the hospital fully equipped for a fabulous start to family life.

But here's the best part: It's all bundled up in a burst of joyous anticipation! As you zip up your bags, picture that first ride home with your little one, the nursery awaiting your arrival, the new chapter you're about to embark on. It's not just a list; it's the beginning of your very own fairytale!

So buckle up, mama, and papa too, because this is the ride of a lifetime. And guess what? You're fully prepared, you've got all you need, and most importantly - you've totally got this! Here's to an unforgettable start to your grand family adventure!

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