The Best Playards for Babies and Toddlers to Rest and Play

Whether you are a first-time or experienced parent, locating the ideal playard for your child can be challenging. It must provide comfort and safety while also being entertaining and age-appropriate. In this post, we share our top recommendations for creating a safe and enjoyable environment for your child's new playard! Learn more about choosing the ideal enclosure for infants and toddlers by continuing to read.

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Does Your Baby Need a Playard?

Playards are not the only means of creating a secure environment for your infant or toddler. Many parents choose to add a playard to their gift inventories due to the playard's distinct advantages. Playards provide infants with a secure environment for movement. Many are easily portable from room to room and travel-friendly. Additionally, they can serve as bassinets, portable cribs, and changing stations.

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How Long Can Your Baby Use a Playard?

Most playards can be used from birth to approximately three years of age. Once your infant reaches 35 inches in height or can climb out of the playard, it has served its purpose. If you receive a playard as a gift or purchase a used one, ensure that it folds and unfolds correctly and that the mattress fits snugly. Check the sides for holes or rips. And ensure that it was manufactured in 2013 or later, as new federal safety standards were implemented in 2013.

Black and blue playard

Top 5 Playards of 2023

  1. Bugaboo Stardust Playard

Bugaboo, the upscale pushchair brand, has designed a playard that is both fashionable and practical.This one is streamlined, basic, and seamless. It is ideal for home and travel use due to its lightweight and how it can open and close in a matter of seconds.. In contrast to most playards, this one folds inward like an accordion, allowing you to store it upright and snap it open whenever your child needs a place to play or relax. 

Other than the bassinet, there are a few extras available. Although there are no wheels on the playard's base legs, we don't believe it's a big deal because the playard is so light.

  1. Joovy Room2 Portable Playard

RSVP for two (or more) guests? The Room2 is the "grandfather" of playards with nearly fifty percent more space, comprising ten square feet. It is a good option if you have multiple children or are merely looking for a playard with more space. There are edge-to-edge mesh windows for optimal visibility and a straightforward, contemporary design that parents adore. Includes a tailored cotton sheet. This area is not compactable. It is also heavier, but considering its perimeter, its weight of just under 30 pounds is not excessive. Some parents also note that it is somewhat challenging to assemble and disassemble, so it may be a better option if you're looking for a more permanent play or sleeping area.

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Baby playard

  1. Baby Delight Go With Me Eclipse Portable Playard With Canopy

Getting outside with your child is enjoyable, but it can be a little nerve-wracking if they have too much freedom to roam. Taking along a playard can assist. While this playard can be used indoors, it is best suited for outdoor and portable use. There is a nylon floor that you can wash to keep your child clean and dry on damp ground, a sun canopy that can be removed for hot days, and six broad panels with breathable mesh sides. Everything can be folded up in seconds and stored in a purse that is light enough to carry on your shoulder. Unlike a traditional playard with a mattress-like base, this one is made of nylon and lacks padding, making it more of a play space than a sleeping space.

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  1. Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib & Play Yard

When traveling with an infant, a simple playard should be excluded from your list of essentials. This ultra-lightweight playard transforms into a backpack, allowing you to carry your baby, a diaper bag, and everything else you require while on the go. And that's not the only feature that stands out. Parents adore the zippered side door that allows them to lie down with their child to nurse or embrace, while toddlers adore the independence it affords them. (Don't fear, they won't be able to escape because you can clip the zipper shut!) The playard can be converted into a bassinet using an additional conversion device. Additionally, some parents find the mattress to be quite flimsy.

  1. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard

This versatile Travel Bassinet from Graco, a longtime pioneer in the playard market, is unsurprising given the company's reputation. This playard is a minimalist's dream, combining a baby sleep space, a foldable travel bassinet, a changing station, and a roomy Pack and Play. Our favorite feature is the breathable mesh promote airflow and make it simple to see your child. This playard includes two carry bags (one for the bassinet and one for the playard) and an integrated stowage organizer. Almost 40 pounds in weight, this is a hefty device. It's also pricier, but considering that it replaces so many distinct pieces of infant gear, we think it's a great value.

Choosing the Right Playard for Your Baby

Throw on your explorer hat, folks, because we're diving into the grand jungle of playards! With so many choices out there, it can feel like you're navigating a maze, but worry not! Our handy guide will be your compass, leading you to the perfect playard that meets all your little one's needs.

Now, let's unpack our top five champion playards! Each one, in its unique way, stands out and fits different budgets like a dream. Whether you're drawn to the charming simplicity of a single-sided design, or you're enticed by the versatility of two multifunctional sides, you're bound to find your family's perfect match.

But, it's not all fun and games, right? Amidst the thrill of finding the perfect playard, it's important to put on our safety goggles! Ensuring your child's comfort and safety is our priority, so be sure to check out the recommended safety regulations before setting up their new play haven at home.

Remember, choosing the perfect playard isn't just about buying a product—it's about gifting your child a world of exploration and fun within the safe confines of your loving home. So, let's embark on this exciting journey together, and let's turn your home into a wonderland of joy!

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