What Is a Sip and See? Everything You Need to Know

Are you expecting a baby soon and want to celebrate in style? Would you like to do something different that will let your family and friends meet the new addition properly? Well, instead of hosting a traditional baby shower or waiting until long after the little one has arrived, why not hold an event called a sip and see? The idea behind this type of party is to allow loved ones to come together in a fun and informal environment without having any specific agenda. From providing food, drinks, games, and music — here's everything you need to know about what is involved with planning a sip and see!

What Is a Sip and See

Have you ever heard of a sip and see? It's a welcoming baby party where close friends and family come to sip a beverage and meet the new baby. While baby showers in the US typically happen before the baby is born, sip and sees offer an opportunity to celebrate the new arrival after they've come into the world. For those unable to travel or have work schedules that don't allow for traditional baby shower planning, a sip and see may be the perfect alternative. While sip and sees have been a longstanding tradition in the South, they’ve also started to become popular in other regions of the country. So why not gather your loved ones to sip coffee or tea while enjoying the new baby's company?

A sip-and-see is a gathering that provides the perfect opportunity for friends and family to meet your newborn. It's an event scheduled at a specific date and time to ensure everyone can come simultaneously. The new parents usually host the sip-and-see event in their home, so they don't have to travel with a newborn. This also allows the party to move quickly since the baby might set the schedule. If a close friend or family member wants to host, that's great, but they should be mindful of everyone's needs, especially the baby's schedule. It's essential to ensure that the exhausted parents aren't entertaining for more than two hours.

While baby showers can be action-packed with games, gifts, and elaborate meals, sip and sees typically have a more mellow vibe. You can include games if you want, but they're unnecessary. Instead, light refreshments, background music, and a few cute decorations create the perfect ambiance for guests to admire the baby and enjoy each other's company. Keeping the guest list to a dozen people or less is recommended to prevent overwhelming the baby and new parents. A sip and see is a lovely way to celebrate the newest addition to the family without any pressure or fuss.

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Pink sip and see set up

Sip and See Party Ideas

Planning a sip-and-see party for your new baby can be a fun way to introduce your little one to family and friends. While adding another task to your to-do list may seem overwhelming, remember that it doesn't have to be an extravagant affair. As a new parent, your priority is caring for your baby and keeping up with everyday tasks, so simplicity is key. Coordinating some snacks and drink options, light decor, and matching invitations can set the stage for an enjoyable event that everyone can enjoy. Remember to keep it manageable and focus on what's most important - celebrating your new addition!

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Sip and See Themes

While many baby shower themes can be adapted to a sip-and-see, some are ideally suited to the occasion. If you're looking for a light and fun theme, consider hosting a Bottles and Bubbly sip and see - where the baby's drink of choice is celebrated with a bubbly twist. Or, if you want a delicious and practical theme, try a Donuts and Diapers sip and see - guests bring diapers while indulging in fresh donuts and coffee. If a chic French atmosphere is more your style, Rosé et Bébé is an excellent option. But if you just want to keep things cozy, a Warm and Cozy theme with hot cocoa and lots of baby snuggles is perfect. Whatever theme you choose for your sip-and-see, your baby will steal the show.

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Sip and see setup

Decorations for a Sip and See

Decorating for a sip and see, whether it's themed or not, doesn't have to be overwhelming. As a new mom, you already have enough on your plate! Keep it simple by adding colorful balloons or streamers, a refreshing tablecloth for your snack table, and coordinating tableware. This will make for a simple yet charming baby-welcoming party decor. The goal is to create a pleasant and inviting space for your guests while keeping the focus on your adorable new addition!

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Do you Get Gifts at a Sip and See?

Before hosting a sip-and-see party, it's important to note that these events typically occur after the baby is born. So, you likely have most of the essential baby items already, such as a car seat or stroller. If not, communicate to your guests which items are still needed. Besides these basics, the gifts you'll receive at a sip and see party are generally smaller gear items, toys, books, clothes, and keepsakes. Engraved gifts with the baby's name are also popular choices. And, of course, you can never have enough diapers. So, no matter what gifts you receive at your sip and see, your baby is sure to be well-equipped for their first few months.

Hosting a Sip and See

A sip and see is a low-pressure, fun event that allows friends and family to welcome a newborn. It is becoming more popular than traditional baby showers since it allows parents to introduce their child without putting too much pressure on guests. If you are considering staging one for yourself or someone you know, there are many things to consider including who will host it, what type of food and decorations to include, and who should be invited. With the right amount of planning and consideration, a sip and see can be an enjoyable way to celebrate the arrival of your new bundle of joy. As such, they provide parents with an opportunity to socialize while their baby takes center stage -something every parent deserves!


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