Naming Your Baby: 20 Nature Girl Names

Naming your child is a complex process. You have so many beautiful and fascinating names to choose from, so how do you narrow things down?

People around the world choose baby names based on a variety of reasons, from the blend of syllables to references of royalty. While it’s perfectly normal to choose a name based on gut feeling, you can always go a step further. Names are filled to the brim with symbolism: nature names are an incredibly nurturing and beautiful choice for a baby girl.

We’re going to list the top 20 nature girl names so you can narrow down your choices more meaningfully!


Let’s start off our list with an immediately recognizable girl name. Iris invokes all kinds of beautiful imagery right off the bat!

The Iris flower is a dashing creation of lavender and cream colors. The ancient origins of this name date back to Greek mythology: Iris was the rainbow-riding messenger for Zeus and Hera. 

This name represents:

  • Wisdom
  • Faith
  • Femininity


Where do we even begin with this name? Hazel is a color, a tree, and a nut all in one package.

As a result, the name ‘Hazel’ instantly makes you think of layers and complexity. For the history buffs out there, a wand of hazel used to be an item associated with magical protection.

This name represents:

  • Protection
  • Complexity
  • Bountiful nature


The name Luna immediately invokes sensations of relaxation, dreams, and peace.

Luna is the name of the Roman moon goddess, so fans of mythology will have a lot to love here. You can also find this name in popular children’s books, such as Stellaluna by Janelle Cannon. 

This name represents:

  • The moon
  • Femininity
  • Serenity


Violet is an elegant girl’s name that will immediately command attention. 

This name hearkens to the stunning Victorian Violet, a paint color that has seen a significant revival in cottagecore interior design. It’s also a popular choice due to its similarity to names like Viola and Violette. 

This name represents:

  • The color purple
  • Sweetness
  • Flowers


Ivy is a striking name that won’t soon be overlooked: it’s easy to write, but not easy to forget!

Back in the day, ancient Greeks would use ivy to symbolize special occasions. It was used for weddings and proposals alike, believed to bring loyalty and fidelity.

This name represents:

  • Loyalty
  • Adaptability
  • Long life


The aurora borealis is a natural spectacle that takes your breath away. What better way to usher in a new life than with such a brilliant sight?

Aurora is the name of a Roman goddess, though it also refers to the Northern Lights.

This name represents: 

  • Mysticism
  • Wonder
  • Rarity


When you think of August, you likely think of long summer days, cold drinks, and plenty of flowers.

This name originated as the short form of Emperor Augustus, though it’s now a popular choice for modern mothers. You can also make the name extra feminine by spelling it ‘Augusta’.

This name represents:

  • Warmth
  • Greatness
  • Strength


This name is straightforward, but that doesn’t make it boring! The rose is one of the most iconic and beloved flowers in the world, representing several key elements of the human condition.

This name represents:

  • Love
  • Elegance
  • Complexity


This fresh, cute name is a great choice for modern girls! The tiny shrub it’s based on immediately makes you think of summer and fun.

This name represents:

  • Youth
  • Energy
  • Being carefree

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This name is based on a shrub that grows both long green leaves and pink flowers. It’s a stunning sight that has been the subject of many Greek poems and stories.

This name represents:

  • Long life
  • Beauty
  • Youth

young girl with her mother sitting in a field and smelling lavender flowers

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River is a brilliantly simple name. If you’re thinking of going fishing or boating with your little girl in the future, let this name inspire you. 

This name represents:

  • Calm
  • Serenity
  • Travel


This artful-sounding name means ‘daughter of the sea’, with both Latin and Celtic origins. If you want a name that instantly stands out, this is a fantastic pick!

This name represents:

  • Soul
  • Family
  • Connection


The olive tree has brought so much joy to the world. Olivia is a way to honor the planet and all the bountiful gifts we receive from Mother Nature. 

The olive branch is also a legendary symbol of peace amid strife.

This name represents:

  • Bounty
  • Peace
  • Grace


The willow tree is an instantly recognizable plant for its long, drooping leaves. It provides bountiful shade and is often seen in classical paintings.

This name represents:

  • Fertility 
  • Motherhood
  • Strength


This girl's name is beloved for many reasons. Not only does it remind people of quaint lily pads, it also makes people think of bright pink flowers.

This name represents:

  • Innocence
  • Purity
  • Prosperity


This spectacular name stops everyone in their tracks. Nova invokes thoughts of supernovas and glittering stars.

Consider a space-themed room for such a star-studded title!

This name represents:

  • New beginnings
  • Hope
  • Joy

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This is one of the most common names on the list and for good reason. Chloe is a reference to the Greek goddess of fertility and life, which is a perfect choice for nature lovers. 

This name represents:

  • Fertility
  • Fresh beginnings
  • Growth


Have you ever smelled the scent of burning sage? This therapeutic plant is beloved across the world for its ability to soothe the soul.

This name represents:

  • Serenity
  • Wisdom
  • Safety


If you want a name that sounds cute and simple, you’ll need to consider Daisy. This flower is a popular decoration for baby clothes and baby showers for its whimsical appearance.

This name represents:

  • Purity
  • Innocence
  • Whimsy


The last entry on our list is a rich color that brings to mind positive imagery. From smooth tree bark to acrylic paints, Sienna is a name filled with potential.

This name represents:

  • Warmth
  • Stability
  • Potential

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 toddler wearing a green, pink, and beige flower blouse against a red background

Give Your Baby the Best

Your baby deserves the best the world has to offer. Despite these unprecedented times, there is still wisdom in putting your best foot forward!

A nature-based name is a simple, yet powerful way to connect your little one to the world around her. These names invoke powerful elements such as wisdom, fertility, potential, joy, and strength. While you’re in the middle of choosing a name, don’t forget to make time for other elements such as supplies, food, and support systems.

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