My Brest Friend vs Boppy: Which Nursing Pillow is Right for You?

When you’re a new parent, finding the right gear for your baby can feel overwhelming. When it comes to nursing, one of the best ways to ensure that both mom and baby are comfortable is with a dedicated nursing pillow. But what kind? Two popular brands are My Brest Friend and Boppy - but which is better? We'll explain the differences between My Brest Friend vs Boppy so you can make an informed decision on which product will best suit your needs as you embark on this new chapter in parenting!

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  • Easier feedings: Breastfeeding can be difficult on your back, shoulders, and neck because you have to support your baby's head and neck while you feed him or her. This is especially true during the first few months. Both the My Brest Friend and the Boppy pillows are excellent alternatives to conventional pillows or a rolled-up blanket. Both are wonderful for finding a safe, supportive position for you and your baby whether you are bottle feeding, breastfeeding, or a combination of the two.
  • Convenience and care: When it comes to portability and maintenance, the Boppy and My Brest Friend are virtually interchangeable. Comparatively, the Boppy is smaller than My Brest Friend. Although neither of these back support pillows is something you'd normally keep in a diaper bag, they're still easily transported in a car, a small suitcase, or even the stroller's basket. Each has a slipcover and pillow insert that can be taken off for cleaning. It shouldn't be too hard to track down a Boppy or My Brest Friend slipcover in a print or pattern that works with the rest of your furnishings.
  • Price: There is not much of a price difference between the Boppy and the My Brest Friend. Each cushion consists of an inner core and a removable cover. (Extra slipcovers for both can be purchased independently.)

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  • Shape and support level: The two most noticeable distinctions between the Boppy and the My Brest Friend are the pillows' shapes and levels of support. The Boppy is a pillow designed to aid in breastfeeding by providing support to the front and sides of the body in the form of a C. The pillow is neither too soft nor too firm. The My Brest Friend, on the other hand, has a wraparound design that supports you from all angles. Baby's head won't roll forward or backwards because of its flat shape and firmness compared to the Boppy.
  • Fit + ease of use: Unlike the Boppy, which is shaped like a C and only wraps around your front and sides, My Brest Friend encircles your entire body. The My Brest Friend has an adjustable back strap that can be tightened or loosened to achieve a comfortable fit. (Which can be time-consuming, particularly at the outset.) However, the Boppy requires no straps and can be easily slipped on.
  • Versatility: My Brest Friend is a pillow designed to aid in breastfeeding. Although it can be used for bottle feeding, its intended and primary use is by nursing mothers. (It's suitable for cradling, football holds, and every other nursing position.) On the other hand, the Boppy can be used in more situations. It's versatile enough to help with bottle feeding, too, in addition to breastfeeding. However, it serves multiple purposes throughout the first year, from propping to tummy time to sitting support. (Just don't use the Boppy for sleep and never leave your baby unattended.)
  • Materials and care: Both pillows are comfortable and simple to maintain, but they are not exactly the same. The Boppy is constructed with a polyester and cotton blend for the slipcover, pillow cover, and pillow filling. The pillow and cover are both removable and machine washable. All of My Brest Friend's components are made of cotton. While the pillowcase can go in the washing machine, the pillow itself should be cleaned by hand with a damp cloth.
  • Added conveniences: There is a built-in pocket on the My Brest Friend for storing food and other necessities. There are no compartments or storage options on the Boppy.

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Which is Best?

a mother using a nursing pillow

When to Choose My Brest Friend

Breastfeeding can be challenging for new parents, especially during those initial months. That's why having the right nursing pillow is essential. My Brest Friend is the best option for those looking for a supportive feeding pillow. Unlike other pillows, it offers excellent support for both baby and parent. Its firmness is just right for providing support to your baby's head, neck, and body while nursing. Plus, the 360-degree wrap-around design provides back support, making it the perfect choice for extended nursing sessions. With My Brest Friend, you can be confident in finding the proper nursing position and enjoying this special bonding time with your baby.

When to Choose Boppy

As a new parent, you're probably on the lookout for items that can do more than one thing. Those looking for a pillow that can serve multiple purposes will find the Boppy to be an excellent option. The Boppy can be used for supervised awake time, propping, tummy time, and sitting support throughout your baby's first year, whereas the My Brest Friend can only be used for the first few months. The Boppy is a quicker alternative to the My Brest Friend for parents who value convenience and a universal fit. Because of its C-shaped silhouette, putting it on and taking it off is a breeze. If you're looking for a multifunctional nursing pillow for your baby, look no further than the Boppy.

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Choosing The Right Nursing Pillow

a baby on a nursing pillow

Ultimately, the choice between My Brest Friend and Boppy depends on your personal preferences and needs. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and both work well for their intended purpose. Consider your personal comfort, the shape and size of the pillow, how easy it is to clean, and if accessories are necessary. With all these factors in mind, you can make a decision that will make your breastfeeding journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Happy pumping and nursing!

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