5 Best Sensory Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Sensory toys are popular because they stimulate your baby or toddler’s development. They engage your child and encourage exploration. We’ve got a list of the best sensory toys for babies and toddlers that will grow with your child.

What is a Sensory Toy?

A sensory toy stimulates the senses, including touch, sight, sound, and sometimes smell. Sensory toys are often used with babies and young children to support their development and help them explore and understand the world around them. 

Sensory toys can take many forms, such as:

  • Soft plush toys
  • Colorful objects
  • Textured objects
  • Noisemakers

Sensory toys help babies and toddlers develop the following: 

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Sensory Integration 
  • Emotional regulation
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

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Are Sensory Toys Good for Babies?

Yes, sensory toys are suitable for babies. Sensory toys stimulate and engage a baby’s developing senses, supporting their growth and development. 

It’s important to choose age-appropriate sensory toys for your baby and to supervise them while they play. Some sensory toys may pose a choking hazard, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines. 

What Age is Appropriate to Start Baby Sensory?

It’s safe to start using sensory toys for babies as soon as they are born. For newborns, soft toys with contrasting colors and high-contrast black-and-white patterns can be visually stimulating and help with early brain development. As babies grow and develop, they can start using toys with different textures, shapes, and sounds.

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5 Best Sensory Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Here are our picks for the best sensory toys that babies and toddlers love:


 Infantino Sensory Balls, Blocks & Buddies



1. Infantino Sensory Balls, Blocks, & Buddies

Infantino Sensory Balls, Blocks, & Buddies are the best sensory toys for babies and toddlers because they come in assorted shapes, colors, and textures. Your child will love exploring and experiencing each block. And as your baby grows, these toys can help boost their fine and gross motor skills as they learn to stack and create with blocks. 

These blocks are handy because you can easily stash your child’s favorite blocks in your baby bag for a quiet and entertaining toy when you’re on the go. These blocks are also made of BPA-free material that’s easy to sanitize.

2. Sassy Developmental Bumper Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumper Ball is a multi-colored, multi-pattern soft ball ideal for babies six months and older. It has perfect bumps for grasping and several rattle bumps to stimulate texture and sound. The colors and patterns are visually appropriate for your baby’s developing vision and can provide hours of entertainment. Plus, the ball is very soft and passes many safety standards. 

3. Wildly Adventures Educational Toy: Jangly Lion

Jangly Lion is an adorable sensory toy that has different textures, sounds, and teethers, making it ideal as your baby grows. This fun activity toy has a variety of fabrics, hidden sounds, and stimulating textures that will delight and engage your child.

It comes with an easy attachment ring that will hook to a car seat, activity center, or stroller, making it an ideal toy for traveling that won’t get lost. And you can easily clean Jangly Lion with a sanitizing cloth.


Battat Wooden Activity Cube


4. Battat Wooden Activity Cube

Battat Wooden Activity Cube is a highly rated activity center that babies and toddlers love. There’s a reason pediatricians have these activity cubes in their waiting rooms. These sensory learning cubes have a host of activities, sounds, textures, and colors that will engage a child and stimulate their development.

This beautifully designed activity cube has safety in mind. Made from high-quality wood and kid-friendly materials, your baby will be safe while they play. And this farm-themed cube can encourage your child to learn their barnyard sounds. 

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5. Hedgehog Balls

Hedgehog Balls are squishy, anti-stress eco-friendly spiky balls that come in a five-color variety pack. These unique sensory toys are great for fidgety fingers. The soft, spiky rubber is fun to touch and massage against your skin. Giving your baby and toddler a unique sensory experience.

These amazingly simple but rewarding sensory toys are excellent for kids with ADD, OCD, ADHD, autism, or other similar conditions. They are also very quiet toys, making them ideal for when you need to entertain your child in a quiet environment. 

Sensory Toys are Critical for Your Child’s Development

If you want to boost your child’s development, you should encourage sensory toys as soon as they are born. As your child grows, sensory toys can shape your baby’s development:

  • Visual Development: Bright colors, high-contrast patterns, and moving parts can help to develop a baby’s visual skills and stimulate their brain.
  • Auditory Development: Noisemakers or different textured toys can help to develop a baby’s auditory skills and improve their ability to recognize and differentiate between sounds.
  • Touch Development: Soft toys with different textures and materials can help to develop a baby’s sense of touch and improve their fine motor skills.
  • Cognitive Development: Sensory toys help to improve a baby’s problem-solving skills, memory, and ability to process information.
  • Physical Development: Sensory toys that encourage movement, such as balls, can help to develop a baby’s gross motor skills and improve their coordination and balance.

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