Amazing Water Toys for Toddlers: Fun & Safe Products

Let’s face it; toddlers love playing in the water. From splashing in the tub to frolicking through a sprinkler, toddlers can’t get enough of it.

What are the most amazing water toys for toddlers?

We put together this guide of the most amazing water toys for toddlers that are fun and great for their development.

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The Most Amazing Water Toys for Toddlers

Let’s look at our picks for the most fantastic water toys for toddlers!

Kiddie Pools

The kiddie pool is a summertime classic that toddlers love! They are inexpensive and easy to set up in the morning and break down at the end of the day.

A kiddie pool is an inflatable plastic pool that comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Most kiddie pools are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and can be blown up manually or with an air pump.

Once your kiddie pool is filled with cool water from the hose, you and your toddlers can have fun in the sun!

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Water Tables

Not only are water tables tons of fun, but they also offer an immersive sensory experience for toddlers.

Water tables can help toddlers improve their fine and gross motor skills, grasp cause and effect, improve hand-eye coordination, and even understand STEM concepts like gravity!

If you have a water table, you can have multiple toddlers play together to practice turn–taking and sharing to help develop their social skills.

Look for water tables with fun features like spinners, chutes, and scoops, or add your bath toys. 


Water sprinklers for kids have come a long way from simply amok running through your regular lawn sprinkler.

Today’s water sprinklers come in super fun shapes like dinosaurs, rainbows, and unicorns and fun, bright colors.

Water sprinklers are easy to set up and break down, and clean. They can be relatively inexpensive compared to other water toys.

Sprinklers designed for toddlers are also safe and can reduce tripping and other hazards from jumping over regular yard sprinklers.

Splash Pads

Splash pads are an innovative take on sprinklers that can be hours of fun for toddlers to enjoy on hot summer days.

You can set up a splash pad in a snap by attaching your water hose, turning it on, and letting it do all the work. If you’re lucky, you might not even get wet yourself!

Toddlers love to slip and slide on splash pads, and a splash pad’s low profile allows them to do it safely. Splash pads are also easy to clean and put away after you’re done frolicking for the day.

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Splash Parks

If you’ve got the room and the budget, a backyard splash park can keep your toddlers entertained from sun up until sundown.

You can also have multiple toddlers enjoy them at the same time. Most come with cool features like waterslides, water guns, and ball hoops so toddlers can play games alone or in groups.

Most will come with pumps to do all the inflating work for you. Then, attach a garden hose, and your backyard splash park will be up and running. 

Slip and Slides

Without the slip-and-slide, no list of amazing water toys for toddlers would be complete. A Slip and slide is an excellent way to get your toddlers out and active on lazy summer days.

A slip-and-slide can come in shapes and sizes for children of any age and yards of any size.

A basic slip-and-slide is a long thin piece of plastic laid out on the yard that, when made wet, becomes slippers allowing you to slide down the length of it. 

Some slip and slides have small pools for kiddies to slide into at the end of the run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do toddlers love playing in the water?

Most toddlers love splashing around in the water. Whether running through a sprinkler, sitting in a kiddie pool, or playing in the tub. Why?

Water stimulates a child’s senses of sight, sound, and touch and can be quite calming. Plus, it’s a fun way for kids to learn through playing either alone or with other children.

Is playing in water good for toddlers?

Yes, playing in the water is good for toddlers because it helps develop their fine and gross motor skills, fitness, and sensory exploration.

Splashing, carrying, and pouring water can also help them begin to understand STEM concepts like gravity, weight, and volume.

Children can also spend extended amounts of time in the water, which can help them with focus and concentration as they lose themselves in their activity. 

How do I make water toys safe for toddlers?

Supervising them constantly while playing is the best way to make water toys safe for your child.

Check the water temperature and surfaces your toddler’s skin comes in contact with to ensure they don’t get burned.

Look for water toys designed for toddlers that reduce the risk of slipping and tripping.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and storing the water toy after use.

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Water Toys Are Amazing for a Toddler’s Development

Water toys are a great way to get your toddler outside and active, but they are also amazing for their development.

Water toys can help your toddler develop hand-eye coordination, introduce them to STEM concepts, explore their senses, and develop gross and fine motor skills.

There’s a wide range of water toys to choose from that can fit any toddler’s needs and parent’s budgets. They can also be set up easily in almost any sized yard.

It would be best if you constantly supervised your toddler when they are playing with water toys. 

You’ll also want to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and storing recommendations, so they don’t get moldy and icky between use.

So go outside and get your toddler playing with water toys and watch them have tons of fun while they learn!

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