Best Pumping Bras for Nursing Moms

Are you a breastfeeding mother in search of the ideal pumping bra? Not only do you require functional support, but also convenience and comfort. We recognize that locating the perfect bra can be challenging. In light of this, we have researched and evaluated several of the most effective milking bras currently available. Continue reading to learn more about our top picks and determine which will be the best choice for you.

Do You Need A Pumping Bra?

Is a nursing bra an essential postpartum item? No. But is it a beneficial convenience? Definitely. If you rarely pump, you can hold the flanges and bottles in position. (Be warned that your arms may tire, and you won't be able to use your wrists for anything else!) There are also a variety of inventive workarounds and do-it-yourself solutions available to convert a regular bra into a hands-free pumping bra. Consider using two elastic bands to secure the flanges of a nursing bra or slitting an old sports bra. However, if you intend to pump even occasionally, you should invest in at least one hands-free pumping garment. It will make your life as a pumping and lactating parent much more straightforward and free up your hands so you can multitask while recording your pumping time.

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Why A Pumping Bra

A pumping bra is explicitly made to help hold your breast pump parts in position as you pump your baby’s breast milk. Depending on the design, pumping bras typically hold your flanges which are the piece that fits directly over your nipple, or also known as a breast shield, wearable pump, allowing you to do other things with your hands. 

Most pumping bras are available in two styles: 

Bras with a bustier silhouette that slips on or zips into position 

Although some of these bras can be worn alone, most are intended to be worn over a nursing or conventional bra. 

Traditional hook-and-eye or racerback bras with side cutouts 

The slits, which may be horizontal or vertical, are intended to keep your flanges in position while you pump. Typically, these bras also serve as nursing bras, featuring a clip-down cover or pull-down sides.

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Mom breast pumping

When Do You Need To Buy a Pumping Bra?

Your body and breasts will undergo significant changes immediately after childbirth and throughout the postpartum period and beyond. Wait until at least the third trimester to begin browsing for a pumping bra, and even then, begin with a single purchase. Save the remainder of your purchase for after your child's birth, when you can take accurate measurements.

Top 5 Pumping Bras

  1. Storq Everyday Pumping & Nursing Tank

If you're newly postpartum and can't bear wearing a bra, or if you prefer a tank, this pumping tank from Storq is the way to go. It is made from a soft, form-fitting micro modal jersey fabric, making it as comfortable as a pajama shirt while remaining fashionable enough to wear throughout the day. The tank has pumping access, with an internal shelf bra and the neckline is elastic enough for nursing. (It won't lose shape, either; it's made for this purpose.) It can accommodate nursing coverings as well. If you need to pump while out and about and don't want to wear a pumping bra, layer this form-fitting tank underneath your shirt. As with most nursing tanks, this pumping tank offers relatively mild support. Storq suggests laying the tank level to dry instead of using a dryer.

  1. Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands Free Sports Pumping Bra

It's easier to find a decent sports bra when you're not pumping or nursing; add these additional obstacles, and the process becomes even more frustrating. The answer is the Sublime Bra by Kindred Bravely. It is ideal for low-impact activities and functions as a pumping bra and a nursing bra with clips. This bra is comfortable, supportive, and straightforward to put on and take off. The bra is constructed from a soft, moisture-wicking fabric that wicks sweat away from the body and dries rapidly. It is sufficiently compressive without being constricting. And unlike many pumping and nursing sports bras with intricate closures, the Sublime's racerback design makes it simple to put on and remove. Like Bodily's Do Anything bra, the front-located strap adjusters make it simple to tighten or loosen the bra straps as required. The Sublime is an impact-reducing athletic bra. For most lactating or pumping mothers, it will not suffice for higher-intensity exercises such as running or HIIT, but it is ideal for walking, yoga, Pilates, and spinning. Also, observe that the slits on the Sublime are horizontal rather than vertical, and some pumping experts claim that they do not hold their flanges as securely.

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  1. Davin and Adley Amelia Pumping & Nursing Crop Cami 2.0

It would help if you had a bra that is either specifically designed to hold your wearable in place or has the appropriate amount of stretch and compression to do so. The Amelia is the most popular hands-free pumping bra by Davin & Adley and was voted by users to perform best with wearable breast pumps. Pull up the top layer of fabric to disclose a second layer with slits for flanges if you're pumping with flanges. If you use it with wearable or collection cups, simply slip them in. For nursing, loosen the strap on your nursing side and draw down at the bra's neck. The Amelia comes in many vibrant hues and has a unique laced back.

  1. Momcozy Hands-Free Nursing & Pumping Bra

This reasonably-priced bra is worth a try, as stated by over 50,000 Amazon customers. At roughly twenty dollars, it is the least expensive pumping bra on our list and one of the most popular. As with many of our top-rated bras, this one has dual functionality for pumping and lactating. The cotton and spandex blend is silky and comfortable, and the moderate support is suitable for most daily activities. We appreciate that the strap adjusters are in the front and available in three colors. Because this bra is made from a single layer of fabric (the openings for your flanges are located on the outer portion of each cup), there is a seam running down each side, which makes the bra visible and sometimes unattractive when worn with specific garments. If you are wearing a shirt with a lower cut, you can see the top of the bra; if you are wearing a scoop-neck design with more excellent coverage. And some pumpers claim that the removable pads included with the bra do not fit well in the cups.

Black pumping bra with bottles

  1. The Dairy Fairy Rose 2.0 Nursing + Hands Free Pumping Bra

Consider all pumping bras to resemble something you discovered in your grandmother's closet. Consider again. This Dairy Fairy pumping and lactating bra is both fashionable and functional. The Rose 2.0 resembles lingerie more than a pumping bra due to its supple, silky fabric, beautiful colors, and lace accents. As for functionality, there are openings on either side of the cups for your flanges and clips at the top for nursing. The straps are removable and can be worn as a bra or racerback design. Why are the flange openings on most pumping bras slightly off-center rather than directly over the center of the cup? So as not to aggravate your nipples. As with similar pumping bras, these slits may produce an uneven area on specific shirts. Some consumers have also noted that the slits are relatively small.

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Choosing The Right Pumping Bra 

Breastfeeding should be a manageable experience for mothers. Every mother should have access to the ideal pumping bra for her style and requirements, whether she desires something simple or extravagant. If you've been searching for the best option, any of these five options is an excellent starting point.

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