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10 Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy


A man kissing a woman’s forehead while holding an ultrasound together.

Finding out that you’re going to have a baby is fantastic news for couples, especially ones who have wanted to expand their family for a long time. Naturally, couples want to share that news with their family and friends in a meaningful, memorable way. That said, figuring out the best method to inform everyone about the big news isn’t always easy, especially since there are many great ways to announce it!

Below, our experts at 123 Baby Box will help give you some great ideas by exploring ten adorable ways you can announce your pregnancy. Please read on to find out more, and consider exploring our massive selection of other great resources covering critical parenting and baby care topics. 

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1. Surprise Everyone With Scrabble Tiles


Scrabble tiles spelling out “We are having a baby.”

Leveraging a scrabble board and some tiles can be a fun and unique way to announce your big news! Use the tiles to write out words like “introducing,” “welcome,” “due,” and “baby,” along with your baby’s expected birth month and their name (if you have one picked out). Place a picture of your ultrasound and a few toys, binkies, or cute onesies around the board, and you have the making of a fantastic picture to share with everyone.

2. Get Creative With Cookies

Almost everyone loves sweet things, and what better way to do something as sweet as a pregnancy announcement than by sharing some delicious, baby-themed cookies with family and friends? Many bakeries offer great cookie customization options for these kinds of occasions. See if you can get some cute treats shaped like bottles, onesies, and rattles to announce the big news and give people two reasons to smile!

3. Carve a Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement

This idea works best in the fall, particularly around Halloween, but that makes the idea fun! Take two pumpkins to write or carve the words mommy and daddy into, and cut a large heart out of the side of the mommy pumpkin. Paint a smaller pumpkin pink or blue, and put it in the mommy pumpkin for everyone to see! Be sure to save the heart cutout to write the due date and display that too! Also, be sure any big brothers or sisters have their own pumpkin to put their name on.

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4. Use A Doggy Declaration

Dogs are often the first “baby” of the family, so why not have them help announce the arrival of their new sibling! Give your good boy or girl a sign to hold or sit next to, stating the announcement with the due date, possible names, and an ultrasound before snapping a few memorable pictures to pass out.

5. Arrange Some Baby Announcement Balloons

Many people like to use balloons as part of their announcements. There are also plenty of fun ways to do it! Whether you gather up a few letter-shaped balloons that spell out “baby” or order an elaborate bouquet of balloons with names and due dates on them, balloons are an easy way to announce your big news. 

123 Baby Box offers a fun new way to bond with your bundle of joy!

6. Have Siblings Help Share the News

If your little bun in the oven happens to have some older siblings, you might want to consider getting them involved in the excitement of your announcement. Take a day to spend time with them making posters for your announcement, and take some adorable photos of them holding up the signs. They can say anything from “Best big sister ever” to “every superhero needs a sidekick,” along with basic due date information. You can also have their siblings hold up some cute baby clothes for the picture.

7. Share Some Matching Sneaker Pics


A couple holding a pair of baby booties with the woman cradling her pregnancy bump.

This is a fast and adorable way for expecting couples to announce the future addition to their growing family. But three pairs of cute, matching sneakers for mommy and daddy to wear, and then a tiny pair of matching baby shoes. Wear the shoes and put your feet close to your partner’s. Then put the baby shoes and a picture of your ultrasound between the two of you. Once you’re ready, start snapping some memorable photos you can share with everyone. 

8. Try Using a Cute Pregnancy Test Picture

Another fast and easy way to announce your pregnancy is to share a photo of your positive pregnancy test, but there are plenty of things you can do to make the pictures cuter. Display the pregnancy test alongside some adorable baby onesies, rattles, and toys for a great photo setup.

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9. Make a Movie Poster

There are a lot of great websites you can use to make your own custom movie posters, so why not create one for your pregnancy announcement? Movie posters are a cute, fun, and often hilarious way to share the news with family and friends, especially if you leverage some pictures if you staring with confusion at parenting books or concentrating while trying to put a diaper on a teddy bear for practice. 

10. Give Out Some “World’s Best _” Gifts

Giving out a selection of “World’s Best” gifts is a traditional way for many people to announce their pregnancy to family, but that doesn’t make it any less cute or meaningful. Consider ordering some shirts, mugs, or other customizable gifts for siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, and enjoy the look on everybody's face when they realize the great news.

Final Thoughts to Keep in Mind

Our experts at 123 Baby Box hope that this article has given you some excellent pregnancy announcement ideas to consider trying out for your family and friends. Please consider exploring our website to learn about our fantastic monthly subscription boxes that will deliver incredible, hand-picked items for you and your baby.

Are you looking for some fun activities to do with your growing baby? Check out 123 Baby Box today!

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