Interesting September Birthday Facts

September is here, which means it's time to celebrate your child's birthday in grand fashion! Birthdays are always wonderful, but this month is absolutely exceptional, with so many great opportunities for a memorable celebration. 

From having a birthday with notable historical personalities to being born on the verge of summer and autumn, there is no lack of fascinating September birthday trivia to discover. Hence, if you're wondering about all the info about your September baby, we have everything here.

Let's dive into the enthralling realm of September birthdays and prepare to have unforgettable experiences!

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September is a Popular Month

Hold on tight because September is the month for birthdays in the United States! Did you know eleven of this magical month's most popular birthdays fall? And if that wasn't enough, brace yourselves for this: more babies are born on September 9 than on any other day of the year! 

Maybe it's the result of parents' increased ardor over the winter vacations, but whatever the reason, it's clear that September is the time to celebrate new life and new beginnings. So let's raise a glass to all those September babies and the joy they bring into our lives!

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They Are Either Virgo or Libra

Let's dive into the fascinating world of astrology! If your little one was born at the beginning of September, then they are a Virgo - a sign known for their faithfulness, sensibility, and structured nature. These walking encyclopedias love acquiring and exchanging knowledge and have exceptional attention to detail. But be aware that their highly-organized nature can sometimes make them too self-critical, so remind them that it's okay to make mistakes! 

On the other hand, if your baby was born after the 22nd, they are a sociable and fair-minded Libra - a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. Expect your child to have a large group of friends and a love for all things beautiful. With the symbol of scales representing their sign, Libras always strive for balance and fairness, which can sometimes make them indecisive. But with their love of people and social skills, they will surely thrive on the playground! 

So let's celebrate our September babies and all the unique qualities they bring into our lives!

Sapphire Birthstone

Get ready to add some sparkle to your life because we're talking about the birthstone for September - the majestic Sapphire! While this stone is often associated with its striking blue color, did you know that it can also be found in gorgeous shades of pink, yellow, and green

With its representation of honesty, loyalty, and truth, it's no wonder that we all want to instill these values in our children. And if that wasn't impressive enough, sapphires have been worn by royalty in nations around the world for centuries, with ancient Greeks and Romans believing that this stone protected against envy and harm.

Meanwhile, Middle-Ages Clerics believed that sapphire represented heaven - now that's heavenly! So let's celebrate our September babies and the exquisite beauty of the Sapphire that represents them!

More Likely to Reach 100 Years Old

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While they may be more prone to developing asthma, they also have the greatest chance of living the longest! That's right - according to research, most centenarians were born between September and November. 

It's no secret that a healthy diet, exercise, and a positive outlook can add years to your life, but did you know your birthday may also play a role? So let's celebrate our September babies and their potential for a long and happy life filled with joy, love, and adventure!

Share Birthdays With Famous People

Prepare to party like a celebrity because September is the month of famous birthdays! From performers to athletes, and even royalty, this month is filled with a star-studded lineup of famous people who share their special day with your little one. We're talking about Will Smith, Beyoncé, Freddie Mercury, Jimmy Fallon, Serena Williams, and Avril Lavigne, just to name a few! 

So let's give our September babies the red-carpet treatment they deserve and celebrate their arrival in true celebrity style. And while we're at it, let's remember to celebrate some other important days this month - like National Ice Cream Cone Day on the 22nd and National Quesadilla Day on the 25th! 

With so many enjoyable and tasty days to celebrate, we're certain the whole family will love the festivities. So let's make this September one for the books and show our little ones just how special they truly are!

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September Babies Excel in School

According to British research, being the eldest in their grade may give them an advantage, resulting in a 20% greater chance of being admitted to prestigious institutions. That's right - your little one could be on the path to greatness, and it all starts with their September birthday! 

So let's celebrate our September babies and their potential for academic success and beyond. Who knows where their brilliance will take them - the sky's the limit!

September Babies Are Athletic

Get ready to witness some athletic greatness because fall-born babies are the champions of the sports world! It's no coincidence that many of your favorite athletes celebrate their birthdays in the fourth quarter, as these babies tend to be stronger and more athletic than their summer-born counterparts. 

It's all thanks to their age and size advantage over their classmates, giving them an edge in physical activities from an early age. So let's cheer on our fall-born babies and all their amazing accomplishments on the field, court, or wherever their passion for sports takes them. 

Who knows - maybe one day they'll be the ones breaking records and inspiring the next generation of young athletes!

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Sapphire Birthstone


While we often think of this stone as deep blue, did you know that it comes in every hue of the rainbow? That's right - sapphires can be pink, green, orange, yellow, purple, and so much more! And the best part? They're found in nature and are incredibly durable, capable of surviving practically anything. 

It's no wonder that sapphire is like us, mothers - we stand the test of time, even after everything has been thrown at us. And just like these precious stones, we're rewarded with our most precious treasures - our brand-new babies! 

So let's embrace the beauty and strength of the sapphire, and celebrate our September babies and the incredible journey of motherhood. We truly are diamonds in the rough!

Final Thoughts

September is a unique birth month for newborns. From the great astrological signs representing perseverance, strength, and ambition to the extraordinary individuals celebrating their birthdays throughout the month, there is no lack of excitement and awe. 

And what better way to celebrate your bundle of joy than with an exciting and unique baby subscription package that goes on giving? With so much to celebrate and treasure, it's time to be creative and demonstrate to your child the influence they've had this year.

Make this September one to remember by filling it with joy, love, and all the remarkable moments that make life extraordinary!

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