March Babies: Fascinating Facts about Your Baby's Birthday

Get ready to buckle up and feel the adrenaline rush because, as new parents, you're in for an exhilarating ride with the imminent arrival of your baby's birth month! March babies are known to be unstoppable, fiercely independent thinkers with fiery hearts, but hold on tight because there's so much more to uncover about your precious little one's birthday. 

With awe-inspiring astrological attributes and a roster of legendary historical figures who share the same exciting month, you'll be blown away by the incredible revelations that come with welcoming a precious bundle of joy in March. Get set to embark on a thrilling adventure of discovery and wonder!

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Pisces or Aries

These two astrological signs are noted for their determination and passion. Those born between March 1 and March 20 are considered Pisces. Babies born after March 20 are officially Aries. 

Pisces are almost psychic due to their intelligence, creativity, and profound intuition. They have intense emotions and robust gut feelings about a situation. They "know" things on a deep level and can often determine if a person or circumstance is good or negative. Nonetheless, this does not imply that Pisces disregards the rational side of their brain. They are intelligent and have reverence for the power of the human mind. 

Aries are pioneers. They are also passionate and independent and would never undertake anything simply because everyone else is doing it. After all, a ram has to be 100 percent devoted to the work at hand. The easiest method to encourage a very competitive Aries is to make anything into a contest. Aries will devote their whole being to victory. They are loyal, intelligent, and impulsive, and they are never content unless their career, social life, and personal lives align perfectly with the ideal existence they have envisioned. Those attracted to the magnetic Aries may have difficulty keeping up, but if they do, they will have a lifelong buddy.

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Loves Animals 

Your March babies' bond with your pets is unique and may influence their growth. One advantage is that dogs make infants happy! Also, interacting with dogs increases dopamine levels, the neurotransmitter responsible for good emotions. Moreover, dogs and infants are just enjoyable companions.


March babies' symbolic flower is the daffodil. There are more than 40 distinct daffodil species. Similar to the gorgeous variations of their golden petals, March newborns are all unique. Sunlight, soil, and care all contribute to the daffodil's blossoms, much as our varied settings influence our children's idiosyncrasies and characteristics. Since daffodils symbolize new life, they are the ideal flower to commemorate the newborn child you have given the world.

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They are Tall

A 1998 Austrian research, as published by the Los Angeles Times, discovered that those born at the end of March are taller. The height difference was negligible, but the research of 500,000 males was extensive.

The research suggested that exposure to light-dependent melatonin increased the release of growth hormones in mothers, leading to taller infants being delivered around the end of March. The tallest males were born in April and the smallest in October.

Lower Risk of Asthma

Babies born in March are born during allergy season. Yet it serves them well in increasing their immune response, according to a 2015 research. Dust mites, common in the spring, may reduce the incidence of asthma among infants born in March by boosting their immunity.

Share Birthdays With Celebrities

They share their birth month with several A-list celebrities.

No matter what day of the month your child is born, they will be in the presence of renowned individuals. Celebs with March birthdays include:

  • Justin Bieber
  • Lady Gaga
  • Mariah Carey
  • Eva Mendes
  • Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Shaquille O'Neal
  • Lily Collins

Healthy Individuals

Individuals born in March have a reduced risk of certain illnesses.

We all wish to grow up to be happy and healthy, but many elements determine whether or not this will occur. One research discovered that kids born in March had a minor health edge. They have a lower risk of neurological disorders, respiratory illnesses, reproductive issues, or cardiovascular illnesses.

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Excellent Vision

March newborns surpass their summer counterparts in terms of eye strength. According to the research of roughly 300,000 military recruits, March newborns are considerably less likely to grow up to be myopic than kids born in the summer.  

Two Birthstones

The traditional March birthstone is the icy aquamarine, which, according to mythology, aided in the safety of seamen. If the blue-green sparkler does not fit your March baby, there is an alternative: The dark green bloodstone with crimson flecks. According to legend, the Ancient Egyptians thought the bloodstone provided them an edge in combat.

Vivid Imagination

March newborns will always have a cheerful attitude and a very imaginative mind. Expect them to excel in make-believe play! Let them dress up and observe their success. There is just no way to anticipate what a March baby will say.

Night Owls

According to popular belief, children born in the spring and summer go to bed later than those born in the other six months. Your March infant may sometimes like to stay up beyond their bedtime. There are many more enjoyable activities than sleeping!

A future CEO? 

According to a TIME Magazine story, your tiny March-ling may be destined for greatness. March was the most prevalent birth month for CEOs and business executives, according to a research published in the journal Economic Letters.

Remember that you may be raising one of the world's greatest contributions during all the difficult times and sleepless nights. Be sure to tell your young chief who changed their diapers when they became famous.

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Amazing Optimism

March-born individuals have brighter, more optimistic dispositions.

People's differences from one another are one of the numerous factors that keep the globe spinning. No two individuals are identical; some of us respond differently to certain circumstances depending on our personalities. They are the result of both nature and nurture. And some specialists feel that our birth month has an impact. March-born children are often optimistic and have a bright disposition.

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Are March Babies Awesome?

You've hit the jackpot of uniqueness if you have a March baby! Congrats on bringing a special little wonder into this world who's destined to stand out from the rest. 

From their dazzling birthstone to their boundless creative potential, March babies are genuinely one-of-a-kind. So let's start the party and celebrate your baby's arrival in spectacular fashion! 

Give your baby the ultimate gift that keeps giving - a subscription box tailored to help them grow into the fantastic, awe-inspiring individual they were born to be! It's time to set the stage for a lifetime of adventure and discovery, and watch as your March baby conquers the world with their exceptional talents and infectious personality!


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