5 Best Sleep Sacks for Babies of 2022

Sleep is a huge topic for new parents. We're usually discussing the length, quality, and schedule of sleep. We are preoccupied with how much sleep young babies and their parents get - with good reason. But today, we're talking about sleep apparel for your baby. These sleep sacks aren't fashion accessories; they are functional. Sleep sacks can improve the quality and length of sleep your little one is getting

Sleep sacks do an excellent job of keeping your baby warm and cozy while they nap or sleep at night. The sense of security they provide can help your baby establish a consistent sleep schedule. 

Also called a 'wearable blanket,' sleep sacks can be used from your baby's newborn stage right up to their early toddler years.

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Sleep Sacks vs. Swaddling

So, which is best, sleep sacks or swaddling? Consider swaddling when your baby is still a newborn. Swaddling is wrapping your baby firmly in a blanket to soothe them. Swaddles simulate the gentle constriction of the womb and are safe and effective until your baby is about three months old. At this age, your baby may begin to wriggle out of the swaddle or be agitated by it. This technique of wrapping your baby in a blanket for swaddling is easy to learn, and with some practice, you can master it.

But if you choose sleep sacks, you can avoid learning to swaddle. A sleep sack is like a baby's sleeping bag or wearable blanket that provides them with ample leg space but zips up or is velcroed. You can forgo loose blankets that your baby may kick off while they sleep.

Here are some features of the swaddle:

Here are some features of the sleep sack:

  • Keeps baby calm
  • Promotes sleep
  • Extends baby's safe in-utero experience
  • Reduces baby's startle reflex
  • It can be used for longer than a swaddle
  • Safe alternative to loose blankets in baby's bed
  • Swaddle alternative
  • It doesn't restrict natural movement
  • Diapers may be changed while wearing

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How to Choose the Right Sleep Sack for Your Baby

There are many types and styles of sleep sacks on the market. Here are a few, along with their benefits.   

Swaddle-Style Sleep Sacks

Swaddle-styled sleep sacks are the best of both worlds. You put a sleep sack on your baby that has added fabric flaps. With this fabric, you can wrap the baby securely around their upper body. These aren't safe once your baby can roll over unless you keep their arms free.  

Sleeveless Sleep Sacks

These allow your baby to keep their arms free while sleeping and also allow you to change their diaper without removing the sack. The sleeveless sleep sacks usually have zippered enclosures, making it easy to put them on and off. And since their arms are free, this kind of sleep sack can be used after your baby can roll over on their own. 

Weighted Sleep Sacks

Weighted sleep sacks are a relatively new product for babies. While some believe them to be unsafe, with a bit of care, they do have some benefits. The added weight can increase your baby's comfort, warmth, and relaxation while decreasing stress and distraction. All of this will allow them to sleep without hindrance.

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Additional Points to Consider

As you shop for a sleep sack, here are a few more points to consider:

  • Size: Sleep sacks are made to give your baby room to move and, ultimately, to grow. You'll want to find one large enough for your baby's comfort and small enough not to cause injury. 
  • Fabric: Sleep sacks are available in various materials - natural and synthetic. Consider the season you're in when selecting the sleep sack. You can always have seasonal sacks. Avoid synthetics like polyester or fleece because they trap heat and can overheat your baby. 
  • Design: You may find that you prefer zippers to buttons or snaps. Or a sleeveless design may be more favorable than sleeves. 
  • Durability: How long do you want your baby to use it? Check the sack's age range and style. 

The 5 Best Sleep Sacks for Babies

Here are the five best sleep sacks:  

1) Halo Cotton Sleep Sack

This sleep sack has a sleeveless design and an inverted zipper for easier diaper changes. Although this brand has several styles of sleep sacks, this one is sleeveless, making it best for babies who can roll over. It is available in sizes small up to extra large (0 to 24 months). For colder weather, they have a fleece sack.

2) Love to Dream Swaddle Up

This sleep sack is for newborns who like to sleep with their arms up while lying on their backs. This is a hybrid as it combines a sack and swaddles. So, your baby can enjoy the security of the swaddle while having their legs free to wiggle. Once your baby can roll over, you should transition them to an arms-out sack.  

3) Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Teddy

This sack is made of a quilted material with shoulder snaps that make it easier to put on. The Sleep Nest Teddy can last your newborn until they're 36 months old. The quilting makes it a warm and comfortable item, especially in winter. 

4) Nested Bean Zen Sack

This 100% cotton sleep sack has a weighted component in the chest for adding comfortable pressure. That gentle pressure can be felt like a parent's hand resting on their chest. There are two sets of buttons for adjusting the size, and the bottom is enclosed with a zipper to ease diaper changes.  

5) Kyte Sleep Bag

This innovative sleep bag is made of rayon of bamboo. It is very soft and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. These have a double zipper for easier diaper changes and are available in sizes S, M, and L - for babies from 0 to 36 months.

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