22 Weeks Pregnant: Tips and Advice for Your Second Trimester

The adventure of a lifetime is just beginning! As you enter the second trimester of your pregnancy, the excitement in the air is palpable. You can almost picture the beautiful little face of your new bundle of joy and all the amazing experiences of being a new parent.

Sure, it can be daunting to think about all the changes that lie ahead, but fear not! There are plenty of helpful tips and resources available to make this transition easier for expecting couples like you.

From tips on staying healthy and comfortable during this pregnancy stage to suggestions for baby names and nursery decor, this blog post has got you covered. So, buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life – because with a little preparation and a lot of love, you'll be amazing parents!

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Investigate Maternity Courses

If this is your first time, a birthing class can be a fantastic way to get all the information you need about labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery. Wondering what labor feels like or how long it typically lasts? Or maybe you're concerned about how you'll cope with the discomfort. Fear not, because a birthing class covers all these topics and more!

These classes are not just for mothers; partners are encouraged to come along too. You'll learn everything you need to know about what to expect during delivery and those first few days at home. Plus, you'll pick up some relaxation techniques to help you stay calm and confident throughout the process.

Make sure to book your spot in a birthing class as soon as possible, as they can fill up fast. Many hospitals offer both general and specialized courses, including topics like newborn CPR, breastfeeding, and natural labor techniques like the Bradley Method. You may even get a tour of the maternity or infant unit as part of your course, which can help ease your mind.

Try Doulas

Looking for a rock-solid source of emotional and physical support during your pregnancy and delivery? Look no further than a doula! These trained professionals provide a range of benefits, from emotional reassurance to educational support.

If you enlist a doula's help, you'll typically begin working with them a few months before your due date. And if you're interested in a postpartum doula, you can expect support after you bring your little one home.

But don't rush into choosing just any doula. 

The right match can make all the difference in the world. A labor doula will be by your side during labor, while a postpartum doula will help you navigate the sleepless nights and steep learning curve that comes with a newborn.

When interviewing doulas to find the perfect fit, make sure they're available when you need them. Planning in advance can help ensure you snag your top pick!

Arrange a Babymoon 

Get ready for an adventure, mama-to-be! While you may be feeling fabulous with your beautiful baby bump, there will come a time when the third-trimester hits and moving around becomes a challenge. But fear not! Before you reach that point of exhaustion, plan a memorable getaway with your partner – a babymoon! 

Take some time to relax and strengthen your relationship before your little one arrives and life gets even busier. And hey, if this isn't your first rodeo, why not make it a family vacation to show your other kiddos that the bond with your partner remains just as strong?

If you're considering traveling while pregnant, have no fear! Commercial air travel is generally safe for healthy expectant moms, but be sure to check with your doctor first. Some airlines may have restrictions for pregnant passengers, so it's important to do your research before booking. 

And while you're in the air, remember to stay hydrated and get up to stretch your legs every so often – an aisle seat might make that even easier!

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Sit On An Exercise Ball


Size really does matter when it comes to choosing the perfect exercise ball! Choose the perfect size based on your height, and get ready to reap the benefits. Shorter individuals, 5'3" and below, can opt for a 55cm ball; those between 5'4" and 5'8" should go for a 65cm ball, and individuals 5'8" and taller should choose a 75cm ball. 

Once you have your ball, get into position: make sure your hips are higher than your knees and your spine is straight with a slight forward curve. Now, try some gentle movements like swaying your hips from side to side or making figure-eight rotations with your hips. And the best part? This training will not only get you fit, but it'll also prepare you for childbirth!

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Soak Your Lentils, Nuts, and Cereals

Get ready to supercharge your pregnancy nutrition with these power-packed foods! Beans, nuts, and whole grains are essential for a healthy pregnancy, but we know they can be tough on your digestion. 

By simply soaking your brown rice, quinoa, black beans, and almonds overnight in water, you can make them easier to digest and maximize their nutritional benefits. Not only that, but soaking also eliminates any pesky gas-causing sugars. So, remember to toss out the soaking water and use fresh water when cooking for the ultimate nutrient boost! Your baby will thank you for it.

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More Insights on 22 Weeks Pregnancy Tips


Congratulations, mama-to-be, on reaching 22 weeks pregnant! This is an incredible milestone, and we're thrilled to be a part of your journey.

The second trimester can bring both excitement and challenges, but with a little planning and positivity, you'll be feeling healthy and energized throughout the rest of your pregnancy. It's essential to nourish your body with nutritious meals, get plenty of rest, and carve out some 'me-time' to take care of yourself.

And what better way to celebrate this special moment than with a subscription box just for expecting moms? Treat yourself to pampering products that benefit both you and your growing bundle of joy, or unique items that will become cherished mementos of this amazing time in your life.

We're wishing you all the love and luck in the world as you continue on this incredible journey. You're doing an amazing job, mama – keep shining!


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