Nursery Ideas for Baby Boys

Decorating a nursery can be a fun but stressful time. You're excited about the new addition to your family, but there's a lot to consider. The nursery should be a welcoming space for the new bundle of joy and functional space for the parents. You've learned you've got a boy on the way, and it's time to get the room ready. Here are some ideas to help you prepare.

Think Beyond Blue

Neutral earth tones like browns, creams, and golds can bring a touch of class to any space, including the nursery. Similarly, white can add a clean and cheery escapist retreat feel. If you insist on navy tones, treat them as minimal accent colors at most. The blue will pop against the neutrals without feeling overwhelming.

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Opt for an Artistic Mural 

A mural on the wall can feed a child's imagination, and it's a great way to make any space feel more expansive and fun. Be sure to cover at least an entire wall to make it feel like a setting backdrop, and don't make it too child-centric. Timeless designs like marine life, rainforests and jungle animals, or fun, natural landscapes offer renderings a child doesn't have to grow out of. It would be best if you always consider how the space will fit the child as they grow. 

Choose a Captivating Paint Design for the Ceiling

Your baby will be looking up at the ceiling quite often, so give them something to look at other than white paint. Spacescapes can be a great way to stimulate their imagination, and glow-in-the-dark stars can act as night lights once they're out of their crib. Simples splashes of color can work, too: a circus tent can be vibrant, bubbles and water can make them feel like they live underwater. Anything that lives in the sky is fair game, too: clouds, birds, butterflies, planes, even pterodactyls. If you want to get really creative, turn your ceiling into a word search puzzle or maybe a maze that starts simple but gets more complex for when they get older. Whatever you do, don't forget the ceiling is a fifth canvas to decorate that your child will appreciate you for, even if it takes them a while to be able to articulate it.

Set Up a Tent for Sensory Play 

Parents can get distracted making sure all the practical items are added to a nursery, but it's important to have fun, stimulating environments, too. A tent is a great way to give the child a play zone that's inviting on the outside and feels safe and cozy on the inside. Providing fabrics they can feel, mobiles they can watch, and sounds they can listen to will engage their senses and stimulate a good night's sleep. A tent is a great tool that can stick around as the child grows older, becoming a space for playing games, playing with toys, or using imagination to create fun role play.

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Set Up a Comfy Seat for Mom and Dad

When your child falls asleep in your lap you’ll be grateful for comfortable seating.

Parents can get obsessed with making sure everything is suitable for the baby in the nursery and forget all about themselves. Remember that you'll be doing round-the-clock feedings, late-night readings and sometimes won't want to get up for fear of waking the little guy up. Make sure you have cozy seating with enough padding to keep you comfortable for sometimes long, awkward hours in the chair. Consider adding a footrest or ottoman to the space, too, so you can put your feet up and lay back when you need to.

Add a Canopy for Dim Lighting

The nursery may be where you change your child's diapers, but most importantly, it's where you get them to sleep so you, too, can finally rest. Invest in a crib canopy with soft, intermittent lighting to help yourself along. A canopy can give a child a sense of coziness and security that can speed the process of falling asleep along. Soft string lights can give the child something stimulating the look at while dozing off, while the canopy keeps out excess lighting that could be overbearing and keep the child awake. Consider darker colors for your canopy to help keep the light out and absorb more of the overhead lighting. 

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Add Plants

Plants can add a stylish touch to your child's room while also bringing a little nature and life to the space too. Be sure to make sure nothing's toxic before letting it live in the nursery but then go add it. Plants add a texture to the room the child can learn to engage with as they grow older, and some plants can even help purify the air. Green is also a great shade that goes with the previously mentioned neutral colors and won't clash with your blue accents. They can also inspire calming and playful vibes, which your child will love.

Don’t Forget Storage 

Storage is essential, but it doesn't have to be boring. Your child needs a lot of things to keep them happy and clean when they're newly born, and even more space once the toys become their centerpiece of fun. Consider built-in cubby holes over bins that will add a versatile touch and age well with the child. Bookcases with sliding doors can be fun for items you want to keep out of sight and will have many uses when your child is grown. Just make sure to mount everything to the walls to keep everyone safe.

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From crib to bed, make sure the space can age with your child.

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Whether it's your first child or one in a long line, every baby brings with them a unique personality and plenty of surprises for the parents to navigate along the way. Simplify your soon-to-be complicated life by doing the work in advance to make sure you and your baby. have a space that caters to everyone's needs. Your baby may not be able to thank you, but you'll be thanking yourself later!

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