Top Boy Names: Find the Perfect Name for Your Little One

Congratulations, new parents! The moment has finally arrived - you're holding your precious bundle of joy in your arms with those tiny fingers and adorable toes. What a thrilling adventure you have ahead of you!

But first things first - what to name your baby boy? 

It's a big decision, and understandably, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. But don't worry - we're here to help! We've got an abundance of amazing ideas that will inspire you and lead you to the perfect name for your little prince.

Whether you're looking for something traditional or unique, we've got you covered. From timeless classics like Henry, meaning "estate ruler," to charmingly old-fashioned choices like Theodore, which derives from the Greek for "gift of God" and has risen in popularity by four points to enter the top ten, we've got all sorts of options to suit your every need. Let's get started on this exciting naming adventure!

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Liam, which is currently taking the world by storm, is the diminutive of William in Irish.

But that's not all - the meaning behind this powerful name is just as incredible as its popularity. Liam means "resolute protection," which perfectly embodies the strength and determination parents want for their little boys.

So if you're looking for a popular and meaningful name, look no further than Liam. With its rich history and powerful symbolism, it's no wonder why this name has captured the hearts of parents everywhere!

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Are you searching for the ultimate name for your bundle of joy? Look no further than the incredible name - Noah! This unique Hebrew name is perfect for parents of any faith, with its cross-religious appeal.

The history and significance behind this name will blow you away! Noah, the famous animal collector and keeper of the Old Testament embarked on an incredible journey on the Ark, making this name a symbol of bravery and adventure. And the meaning of the name itself - "motion, rest, and relaxation" - perfectly captures the essence of peace and tranquility.

So if you want to give your child a unique and meaningful name, choose Noah! This name has captured the hearts of parents all over the world, and it's easy to see why. Get ready for your little one to make a significant impact with this incredible name!


Oliver! With its German origins and the meaning of "olive tree," this name is both unique and full of character.

Oliver has been rising in popularity, moving up two ranks since 2018. Your child will be in great company with this amazing name, as it's becoming increasingly popular among parents worldwide.

If you're having a baby girl, consider the name Olivia - it's currently the most common name for infant girls in the United States. With its beautiful sound and timeless appeal, Olivia is the perfect name for any little princess.


This gender-neutral Hebrew name translates to "Yahweh is God." With its powerful meaning and unique sound, this name will make a statement.


And for all you parents of little boys out there, the name James is a must-consider option. This stylish monosyllabic name is a variation of Jacob, meaning "the supplanter." It's been a top choice for parents since the 1880s and shows no signs of losing its popularity anytime soon.

James has never dropped out of the US Top 20, consistently holding its ground as a timeless classic. Your little James will be in great company with this amazing name, joining many influential figures throughout history.

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William, a classic name that has been popular for generations, is still strong today. From literary legends like Shakespeare and Faulkner to modern icons like Prince William, Billy Joel, and Bill Murray, your little boy will have no shortage of inspiring role models to emulate.


Consider Benjamin if you're looking for a meaningful name with a strong biblical background. This Hebrew name, "son of the right hand," has been popular since the beginning of American popularity charts, and for a good reason.


But that's not all! Lucas, a Roman form of Luke, is another fantastic choice for your bundle of joy. The name means "man from Lucania," and it will give your little one a strong sense of identity and purpose.

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Henry, a classic German name that translates to "estate ruler." This name is the epitome of old-school charm, with its rich history and undeniable heft. Your little prince will surely grow up to embody the qualities of a true leader with this name.


With adorable nickname options (Teddy, Theo) and a dignified pronunciation, this old-fashioned name derived from the Greek meaning "gift of God" is a favorite. In fact, it has gained four points in the last year to enter the top ten.

Tips on Choosing a Name for Your Baby Boy

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Choosing a name can be exciting and meaningful, as it offers an opportunity to create a legacy that will last a lifetime.

If you prefer classic and traditional names, there are plenty of options that reflect your family's ideals. However, if you want to add a modern twist, unique variations of classic names can give your little guy a distinctive edge.

As you sift through all the possibilities, consider your son's future. Imagine his name on a big screen or in the corner office – it's vital to select a name that will grow with him throughout his life.

With a little creativity and love, you can find the perfect name that captures your son's spirit and will be cherished for years to come. So, prepare to embark on this exciting journey of naming your precious bundle of joy!

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Final Thoughts on These Adorable Names

Get ready to celebrate your little bundle of joy with the perfect name! We know that choosing a name can be daunting, but fear not - we've got you covered with our list of top boy names. 

Whether you're looking for something classic or modern, unique or traditional, we've got plenty of options. And once you've found the perfect name, why not keep the excitement going with a fun subscription box

Your baby boy will love receiving a special monthly surprise tailored just for him. So go ahead and make your little one's first year of life memorable!


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