Unique and Modern Baby Names That Start with X

Are you expecting a bundle of joy and seeking a unique and modern name to set your baby apart? The letter 'X' is an excellent starting point for searching for distinctive and stylish names. This article lists extraordinary baby names that begin with the letter 'X.' So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of 'X' names for your little one.

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Xander: A Bold and Strong Name

Xander is a shorter version of Alexander, which means "defender of the people." This powerful name is a popular choice among parents who want their child to have a strong presence with a modern touch.

Xara: The Delicate, Feminine Touch

Emerging from the vibrant textures of Arabic culture, Xara—a name that means "princess"—is like a soft, melodious whisper in a bustling marketplace. This beautiful, feminine name stands out with its own exotic allure, a distinctive cousin of the popular name Zara. Envision your little girl adorned with this unique gem that beautifully combines tradition and originality.

Xavier: The Timeless Classic

Drifting westwards, we find Xavier nestled in the rolling landscapes of the Basque region. This name, carrying the meanings "bright" or "new house," has woven its tapestry through the ages. Xavier is an old-world charmer, a gentleman in a cravat, who effortlessly straddles centuries of tradition with a modern swagger. If you desire a name that echoes history but resonates with today's rhythms, Xavier might just be the perfect fit.

Xena: A Warrior's Spirit

Fierce, bold, and with an air of mystery, Xena is a name that is Greek in origin and denotes "guest" or "stranger." Yet, Xena is far from an outsider in the pantheon of empowering names. Enshrined by the popular TV character Xena: Warrior Princess, this name is the clarion call of a young, strong, and confident girl. Naming your little girl Xena is like handing her a shield of resilience and a sword of courage.

Xylon: Embracing Nature

Venturing further into the lush woods of names, we encounter Xylon. This name, of Greek origin, stands tall and mighty like the trees it represents, meaning "forest" or "wood." An uncommon moniker, it reverberates with a deep sense of nature's connection. For parents who want their child's name to instill a love for the great outdoors, Xylon might just be the ideal choice.

Xiomara: Elegance Meets Strength

Lastly, we arrive at Xiomara, an exotic name that dances off the tongue with a Spanish flourish. Meaning "battle-ready" or "famous warrior," Xiomara is a name that radiates with an enchanting blend of strength and elegance. For your little girl, this name could paint an image of a poised, confident woman, ready to take on the world, all the while draped in a veil of grace and sophistication.

Xerxes: A Name Fit for a King

Xerxes, a name of Persian origin, means "ruler over heroes." This royal name was borne by several kings of Persia, making it a perfect choice for parents seeking a majestic and powerful name for their baby boy.

Xanthe: A Mythological and Colorful Name

Xanthe, a name of Greek origin, means "golden" or "yellow-haired." In Greek mythology, Xanthe was one of the Oceanids, the daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys. This name is a wonderful choice for parents who want a mythological and colorful name for their baby girl.

Ximeno: A Name with a Noble Lineage

Ximeno, a name of Spanish origin, means "son of Simon" or "hearkening." With its noble lineage and unique sound, Ximeno is a perfect name for a baby boy who will grow up to be a strong leader.

Xia: A Name with Chinese Roots

Xia, a name of Chinese origin, means "glow of the sunrise" or "summer." This short and sweet name is perfect for parents who want to honor their Chinese heritage and give their baby girl a name with a beautiful meaning.

Xavion: A Stylish and Modern Name

Xavion is a modern and stylish name that combines the popular names Xavier and Davion. With its unique sound and trendy appeal, Xavion is a great choice for parents seeking a contemporary name for their baby boy.

Xolani: The Tranquil Whisper of Africa

From the heart of Africa springs the serene name, Xolani. This Zulu origin name, resonating with the calming melody of "peace," is like a cool breeze on a hot summer's day. Parents desiring to celebrate their African heritage and cultivate a tranquil spirit in their child may find in Xolani a name that strikes the perfect chord.

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Xochitl: The Blooming Marvel of Nature

Our journey takes a vibrant turn with Xochitl, a name that blooms brightly against the canvas of baby names. Of Nahuatl origin, Xochitl means "flower," encapsulating the delicate beauty and grace of nature's masterpiece. For parents wanting to bestow upon their baby girl an exotic, nature-inspired name that stands apart from common choices, Xochitl is a unique bouquet of charm and femininity.

Xalvador: The Hero's Calling

We venture next into the realm of the valiant with Xalvador, a name pulsating with a sense of heroism and strength. This Spanish-origin name meaning "savior" offers a unique alternative to the more commonly used Salvador. For parents seeking a bold name that resonates with courage and strength for their baby boy, Xalvador echoes with the gallantry of a knight's tale.

Xiomar: A Stroll through the Poetic Past

Our exploration brings us to Xiomar, a name that glows with the light of the literary world. Of Germanic roots, Xiomar means "famous in battle," painting a picture of a formidable warrior renowned for his valor. This unique name has been embraced by poets and writers, making it a beautiful choice for parents who want to inspire a love for literature and creativity in their child.

Xenia: The Welcoming Embrace

Finally, we find ourselves welcomed into the world of Xenia, a name that exudes warmth and friendliness. With its Greek roots, Xenia means "hospitality" or "welcoming," symbolizing an open-hearted embrace that extends beyond borders. Parents looking to imbue their baby girl's name with a spirit of kindness and a welcoming nature might find in Xenia a name that radiates these very qualities.

Xadrian: A Name with a Modern Vibe

Xadrian is a modern and unique name that combines the popular names Adrian and Xavier. With its contemporary sound and stylish appeal, Xadrian is perfect for parents looking for a fresh name for their baby boy.

Xoliswa: A Name That Celebrates Accomplishment

Xoliswa, a name of Xhosa origin, means "to be satisfied" or "to have achieved." This strong and unique name is perfect for parents who want their child to grow up with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in life.

Xylia: A Name That Echoes Nature's Beauty

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Xylia, a name of Greek origin, means "forest dweller." This beautiful and feminine name is perfect for parents who want their baby girl to have a strong connection with nature and its beauty.

Xeno: The Adventurous Spirit

Our journey begins with Xeno, a name rooted in Greek tradition, meaning "stranger" or "foreigner." This unique moniker captures the spirit of the intrepid explorer, fearlessly embracing the mysteries of the unknown. Parents seeking a name that reflects their child's innate curiosity and adventurous spirit might find Xeno to be a perfect choice. Picture your child, a little explorer charting new territories with an insatiable desire for discovery.

Xanadu: A Whimsical World from Literature

Next, we wander into the realm of Xanadu, a name that conjures images of an idyllic and mystical place inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's iconic poem, "Kubla Khan." This enchanting name carries an air of wonder, painting vivid landscapes of dreamy, magical lands. If you wish for your baby girl's name to echo with whimsy, fostering a lifelong love for enchantment and magic, then Xanadu could be your port of call.

Xanthos: Echoes from the Ancient Past

Our exploration leads us to Xanthos, a name steeped in history and rich in Greek culture. Xanthos, meaning "fair-haired" or "blond," carries a golden hue, shining brightly with historical significance. It was also the name of an ancient city in Lycia, adding layers of historical and cultural richness to its bearer. If you seek a name for your child that weaves the threads of history into the fabric of their identity, Xanthos might be your perfect pick.

Xareni: A Heavenly Muse

Our journey concludes among the stars with Xareni, a name whose ethereal beauty seems to have been carved by celestial hands. Of Zapotec origin, Xareni means "princess of the forest" or "goddess of the sky." This divine and enchanting name cradles the heavens and earth, creating a symphony of celestial grace and earthly charm. For parents seeking a name that will give their baby girl a heavenly touch, imbued with mystic beauty, Xareni promises to be an exquisite choice.

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Xayden: A Trendy and Modern Name

Xayden is a unique and contemporary name that combines the popular names Jayden and Xavier. With its modern sound and stylish appeal, Xayden is perfect for parents who want a fashionable name for their baby boy.

Xristina: A Unique Twist on a Classic Name

Xristina is a modern and unique variation of the name Christina, which means "follower of Christ." This alternative spelling adds an element of distinction to a timeless name, making it perfect for parents who want their baby girl to have a classic name with a unique touch.

Embrace the X-Factor with These Unique and Modern Baby Names

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Choosing the perfect name for your little one is a big responsibility, but with this list of 25 unique and modern baby names that start with 'X,' you're sure to find a name that will make your baby stand out from the crowd. From bold and strong names like Xander and Xena to delicate and feminine names like Xara and Xiomara, there's something for everyone on this list.

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