Newborn Winter Clothes: Here's What You Need

When the cold weather rolls around, it's time to dress your baby in appropriate newborn winter clothes. Sadly, there needs to be more clarity for some parents about what's the correct type of winter clothing for babies. 

That's because different situations will require different types of winter clothing. That's why we made this guide for you. In it, we'll break down everything you'll need for your baby when the cold weather months roll around. That way, you know they're safe when you take them outside. 

How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Cold?

Many people think the hands or nose are the easiest way to tell if a baby's cold. However, the reality is that the neck is the best place to check. Is the neck nice and warm? Or is it cold? This is an excellent way to determine quickly if you're out and about. 

If you're at home, then check the belly or the feet. Alternatively, you can also take their temperature. You can consult this resource to learn how to take your newborn's temperature. 

Essential Newborn Winter Clothes

There are many ways mothers keep their babies warm during the winter. However, the base layer of winter clothes you wear is always the first layer of defense. First, get a long-sleeve bodysuit for your baby. 

This can either be a onesie or pants and sock pair. Make sure you invest in a good bodysuit that traps heat inside. Next, it's time to get a couple of mittens for your baby. We recommend fingerless ones because they're easier to put on. 

Lastly, you'll want a good hat for trapping heat that rises from their often hairless heads. Once you get these three main elements together, you have your base layer. 

From this point, you can customize it depending on what activities you plan on doing, which we'll go over in the next section. 

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Winter Clothes In a Carrier or Stroller

When you take a baby out for a winter adventure, you want to first make sure that they have the base layer mentioned in the other section. 

In addition to this, they should also put on a nice, warm fleece bunting suit. Bring an extra blanket if you're still concerned that they will be cold. You can wrap them in it if the weather takes a nasty turn. 


Baby covered in warm clothing


Winter Clothes In a Car Seat

If you're traveling with your baby by car during the winter, you will still need to dress them in a jacket or bunting. The difference between it and a carrier/stroller is the type of jacket or bunting they wear. When in a car with a baby, you don't want any puffy sort of material for the baby. 

Why? Because in the event of a car accident, all of the puffy material can compress. This makes the seatbelts on your child too loose, which poses a significant risk. Fleece is a good material for car rides. You can also try bundling your baby up once they're strapped in. 

Are you a new parent? If so, read this guide for five pieces of advice you can't live without. 

Make Sure There's Proper Temperature Control At Home

You want to ensure that your home is warm enough. Specifically, the nursery is the most critical area for this. Install gauge control to more accurately control the temperature in the baby's room. 

It would help if you were also worried about the humidity levels, which should be around 40% to 60%. An air purifier is a fantastic way to get better control of your humidity levels in the home. 

As long as your home is properly heated, you shouldn't need to overdo it on the baby clothes. Doing so could cause overheating. 

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Be Careful of Overheating

Many parents are often so scared of their baby's cold that they overdo it with winter clothing. This cannot be good if it causes your baby to overheat. 

Make sure to know the primary signs of overheating. Things like red color skin, hot-to-the-touch, colics, and a fast heart rate are all indicators that you should take some of the baby's clothes off. 


Baby exploring in the snow


How to Learn About the Latest Newborn Winter Clothes

Ideally, by now, you know what pieces of clothing your baby needs for the winter. Unfortunately, you now need to research and find the right brands and products. If that's feeling like a big hassle, we here at 123 Baby Box understand. 

That's why we curate a monthly box full of hand-picked baby products. So, if you want to receive some quality winter clothes without doing the research, we can help you out. For example, just look at these Nuby Snekz Comfortable Rubber Sole Sock Shoes that we offer. 

Let 123 Baby Box worry about finding the best products for your baby. Choose one of our subscription plans to get started today. 

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The Importance of Newborn Winter Clothes

There are numerous reasons why it's worth investing in quality newborn winter clothes. Besides making your baby more comfortable, it's vital to remember that it can additionally be a life-or-death situation. 

A study found that SIDS risk increases exponentially in the winter months. And a big reason for that is parents are incorrectly using more clothes and blankets to keep them warm. 

If they aren't the right types of winter clothes, this can end up smothering the baby. That's why it's essential to do your research when it comes to newborn winter clothes. However, as long as you follow the advice in this article, you should be off to a good start.

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