Best Toys for One-Year-Old Boys of 2022

When your baby boy turns one year old, it's an exciting time. They are making massive advances physically and intellectually. At this time, they're crawling and beginning to walk (if they aren't walking already).

Their young brains are developing quickly at this time as well. Your little son can recognize shapes and patterns, pick up items, and understand object permanence - that when something is hidden, it still exists. So, your child will enjoy bright, colorful pop-up toys, fill-and-empty games, and toys they can build up and knock down again.

Since your child is exploring the world, mobility is essential. So, push, pull, and ride-on toys are also a great hit. They will also love noisy moving toys.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Toys

The toys you choose for your little son aren't just for his enjoyment but also for his development. His toys should be well-made, purposeful, and safe for him to use. Here are things for you to consider when choosing his toys.

  • Ensure the toys you choose are large enough to prevent ingestion or choking, and easier for them to hold.
  • Read warning labels to make sure the toy is age-appropriate and safe for your son.
  • Plastic toys should be sturdy, not thin, or easily broken.  
  • Check for toxicity in the manufacturing materials.
  • Ensure electric toys are 'UL Approved.'
  • Think carefully about crib toys. Things like loose bedding, plush toys, hanging toys, etc., increase the risk of suffocation, entrapment, and strangulation.   
  • Stuffed toys should be well-made, washable, and void of small parts that can be pulled off and become choking hazards.  
  • Protect your son's hearing by not purchasing toys that are too loud. 

The Best Toys for One-Year-Old Boys

Following are the best toys that meet safety and developmental standards, and of course, most important of all, your son will love them. 

Battat Wooden Farm Animal Activity Cube

This classic, well-made, colorful, intriguing toy will get (and keep) your son's attention. The cube has five play surfaces providing a variety of activities. Activities include a wire maze, sliding knobs, spinning blocks, small doors to open and close, and rolling blocks. The corners of this solid wood toy are curved to prevent injury. Your son can enjoy practicing his hand-eye coordination, matching skills, and observing cause and effect.

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The First Years Stack-Up Cups

Several toy-makers have made some variation of this classic open-ended toy. The simple concept of these cups makes them an excellent toy for a curious one-year-old. They are large enough to grasp securely and colorful enough to attract your son's attention. The cups may be stacked, knocked down, or hit together to make happy sounds.

These cups are BPA and phthalate-free, dishwasher-safe, and inexpensive. They can be used along with other developmental toys and will last your child for many years.

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Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks and Rock-A-Stack Gift Set

Here is another old-time classic plastic set of toys. Your young son can stack the blocks, sort, match, and learn to distinguish colors and shapes. This set can be an enjoyable toy for your child from six months of age. The construction materials of the container and shapes are plant-based and easy to keep clean.

The Rock-a-Stack has large colorful rings of varying sizes to be stacked on the toy. Their simplicity makes them useful for all kinds of play activities, and years from now, you'll still have a few of those rings in your son's toy box.  

Leap Frog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

This toy book is full of activities to enhance physical and intellectual development for the more precocious one-year-old boy. This interactive book has six double-sided, touch-sensitive pages. Your son can touch words and hear the word spoken and also hear sound effects and sound bites about animals, colors, food, outside, opposites, clothes, vehicles, and the human body. They can practice fine motor skills and become familiar with letters and numbers. The sound bites are available in two languages - English and French. 

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Light-Up Learning Vacuum

Does your son seem to love household activities? This learning vacuum will delight them. While your son mimics his parents, he is actually learning many functional skills. He can push it around the room as it plays learning songs and phrases that will expand his vocabulary. 

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around the Town Learning Table

Now that your son has become more mobile and enjoys standing while holding onto things, he will love the Around the Town Learning Table. The tabletop is divided into four play zones: a puppy house, zoo, farm, and market. The sections contain various activities that allow your son to flip switches, push buttons, spin toys, etc. There are lights and sounds, a toy phone, and three stages to adapt to your son's development. Your child can enjoy this toy for years.

LUKAT Friction Powered Push Cars

While your little boy crawls on the floor, they often love pushing around small cars. The LUKAT set consists of four small but chunky colorful cars. When your son learns to use the friction feature to push the car, they'll enjoy seeing how fast it can go. In the cars, the character's heads and legs will bob up and down. 

These cars are made of non-toxic, eco-friendly, and durable ABS plastic. There are no sharp edges to injure your child, and these toys do not require batteries.  

Your son may practice his hand-eye coordination and stimulate his imagination.  

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Your Young Son Loves to Play

We don't have to tell you how much your young son loves to play. The toys you purchase for him should be safe, age-appropriate, and developmentally sound. Choose high-quality toys that will help him grow in his curiosity and desire to learn. 

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