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Nuby Kick Mats 2 Pack
Nuby Kick Mats 2 Pack
Nuby Kick Mats 2 Pack
Nuby Kick Mats 2 Pack
Nuby Kick Mats 2 Pack

Nuby Kick Mats 2 Pack


Brand: Nuby

Color: Black


  • The item is made up of excellent vinyl material with black color making it easy to remove dirt and prints.
  • It is a handy 2 pack item providing protection for the two front seat of the car.
  • Each Kick Mat is easily attached to The Car Seat With Adjustable Bands
  • Contains 6 essential pockets where you can put stuffs for your kids such as crayons, paper, pencils, food and etc. for passing by the time for a long travel
  • It is easy to attach with its elastic straps that are adjustable, where if you need to clean the mat it can be easily remove.

Binding: Baby Product

Release Date: 16-07-2015

model number: 120073

Part Number: 120073

Details: Making your car neat and clean is a challenge when you have kids. Making the inside and the back of your car seat tidy is a hard task when you have an active toddler but with Nuby Mat we guarantee you that life would be easier. We make sure that our item caters to the needs of the family. Not only does this keep away dirt and etc but it also serves as a pocket where you can put stuffs at the back.

Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 5.7 x 2.1 inches

Languages: German, English