DIY Maternity Photos: Capturing Your Pregnancy Journey

Increasing numbers of couples today are opting for creative maternity photos. There's no denying that capturing your pregnancy journey is an incredible way to commemorate this particular time, whether you hold your session in a natural setting, choose a classic studio setup, or opt for something unique. If you're interested in taking your maternity photos but have no idea where to start, you've come to the correct place! Here, we will discuss guidelines for selecting the ideal location, beginner to advanced posing techniques, and other helpful hints to help you create the most beautiful and memorable maternity shoot ever.

Picking the Outfit

There are a few things to remember regarding maternity photoshoots to ensure that your outfits appear their best in challenging lighting. All-white or all-black ensembles are difficult to photograph and should be avoided. Similarly, tiny patterns such as stripes can distort on-screen and should be avoided. Aside from that, have fun with your ensembles and wear fitted clothing to embrace the bump. If you typically wear makeup, consider opting for a slightly more dramatic look to ensure it stands out in photographs. However, if you're not into cosmetics, a tinted moisturizer, and some lip gloss will suffice. For the ideal photograph, it is preferable to apply slightly more makeup than usual.

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Get Someone to Help

DIY photography can be difficult, particularly when constructing the ideal maternity shoot. Fortunately, a hack can make the entire procedure much simpler: having someone else take the photos. Finding a companion who shares your social media obsession can be crucial to success. You can experiment with a variety of angles and poses with their assistance. Your assistant can take the necessary photographs if you need a wide picture, a close-up, or something in between. With various photos, the final product will make it appear as though you exerted a great deal of effort when in reality, you only needed a little assistance.

Pregnant lady taking photo

Use A Tripod

Investing in a small cell phone tripod is necessary if you're looking to up your DIY photo game. Not only are they affordable, but they also come with a wireless remote that allows you to snap photos from a distance. A tripod that is flexible is convenient for outdoor photos, as it allows you to wrap its legs around objects like poles or tree limbs. With a tripod, you can experiment with different angles by moving your body while keeping the camera steady. So don't waste more time constantly repositioning your camera; grab a tripod and start capturing amazing shots today! We recommend using a remote for the most natural photos and setting your phone to timer mode. This allows you to position yourself, press the trigger, and still have a few seconds before the shutter opens.

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Location, Location, Location

Often, simpler is best! Excellent lighting and epic backgrounds may appear fantastic in professional photographs, but they can be challenging to work with for amateurs. Frequently, the best photos will be taken against a simple background, such as a colorful wall in your neighborhood or your bed, where you and your baby belly can truly shine.

Shooting Outside

It is essential to capture the correct lighting and location when taking photographs. While shooting outdoors, finding open shade can do wonders for your images. You can diffuse the light using a tree or a shady wall, making your subject stand out. However, if you wish to create stunning outdoor photographs, golden hour is your best option. This is the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset when the sun is low, and the light is diffused, giving professional photographs their golden radiance. Even if you miss the golden hour, you can still use the brilliant light by shielding yourself from the harsh rays. Therefore, grab your camera, head outside, and locate the ideal lighting and location!

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Place your hands on the top and bottom of your belly and pose to the side for a standing portrait. Don't be afraid to transfer your weight or bend a knee to achieve a more natural and relaxed appearance. To add movement to your photographs, slowly approach the camera while making eye contact and then turn away. Focus on each other rather than the camera when taking pictures with family and friends. And if standing poses make you uncomfortable, try lying on your bed and taking photographs from above. Relax, have fun, and get inventive with your poses for timeless, genuine pregnancy photos.


In photography, lighting can make or ruin your photographs. Your location may be breathtaking, but your photographs may appear lackluster without appropriate lighting. When shooting indoors, locating a location with ample natural light from windows is essential. Avoid overhead lighting and floor lamps, as they impart an orange hue to photographs. Utilize the natural light and experiment with different angles to achieve the desired effect, whether bright, airy, cold, or moody. Remember that illumination can add depth and dimension to your photographs, so experiment to see what works best.

Pregnant lady photoshootEditing Apps

No longer is photo editing a tedious task that requires extensive technical knowledge and costly software. The evolution of mobile technology has made editing photos on a smartphone easier. With programs such as VSCO, A Color Story, and Lightroom Mobile, achieving stunning results with your photographs is simple. Whether you prefer natural or more vibrant presets, these applications provide various editing options to meet your needs. And the highlight? You need not be an expert in using them! With a few touches, you can enhance the brightness and contrast of your images, bringing them to life. So why not give it a shot and witness the enchantment for yourself?

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Getting the Perfect Maternity Photos

As you embark on this voyage of motherhood, be sure to document every step! DIY maternity photoshoots can become cherished heirlooms over the years. Using the tips and techniques we've provided, you will have fond memories to recall in the future. Experiment and have joy! Investing in a backdrop and intriguing props can go a long way, but don't neglect to include candid shots. Introduce spontaneity by taking a picnic or wading in the pool with your significant other while capturing special moments. Regardless of your path, these do-it-yourself maternity photos are guaranteed to immortalize your sentiments of joy and anticipation.

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