Maternity Clothing Subscription Boxes and Rentals: Our Top Picks

Navigating the world of motherhood is challenging enough without having to worry about a maternity wardrobe. With prices for quality clothing ranging from high-end luxury picks to large box store bargains, it can be hard to figure out which option best fits your budget and lifestyle. Have no fear! We’re here to help take away some of the stress by doing research on the top maternity subscription boxes and rental services that are available right now. So before you head out searching for the perfect pieces, check out our list – you might find yourself saving time, money and energy in the long run!

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Considering Maternity Clothing Rental and Subscription Services

With maternity clothing subscription boxes and rental services, you can remove some of the guesswork from shopping for your maternity wardrobe. These services are designed to make shopping for maternity clothes easier. 

A clothing subscription service gives you the option to try out new styles and then send them back to update your closet on a monthly or quarterly basis. Many also allow you to buy just the one or two pieces that you've fallen in love with. 

Other companies offer short-term maternity wear rentals so that you can dress to impress without committing to a purchase (and without exceeding your budget). Economically, this makes a great deal of sense, as the majority of women will not wear their maternity clothes after birth or the fourth trimester. Renting clothes is environmentally friendly because it cuts down on waste through recycling and reusing previously worn items. Although the clothing you receive will be previously worn, you can rest assured that it will be clean, hygienic, and in excellent condition.

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Stitch Fix

Expectant mothers have a lot on their plate, and finding stylish and comfortable clothing during pregnancy can be a real challenge. One of the standout options for baby bump fashion is Stitch Fix. Their maternity subscription box is fully tailored to your personal style and needs during pregnancy, focusing on brands and vibes you love while also taking into consideration what to avoid when expecting. With the option to receive a new box of five items every few weeks, quarterly, monthly, or on-demand, you can refresh your wardrobe whenever you want. Plus, with easy and free returns, you can keep only what you truly love. With sizing from 0 to 2XL, almost every expecting mother can find something they love from Stitch Fix.

a maternity clothing subscription box


This service is brought to you by the company behind beloved brands like Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters. With Nuuly, you can buy or rent maternity pants from top brands like Paige and Citizens of Humanity. Plus, they offer plenty of maternity-friendly styles like tunics and dresses. Simply choose six items each month and keep them for an entire month without worrying about late fees or laundering. With Nuuly, you can focus on preparing for your little one's arrival without sacrificing style or comfort.

La Belle Bump

La Belle Bump is a great option for moms-to-be looking for streamlined and stylish maternity wear. Their rental boxes come in three or five-item options, with the flexibility to keep pieces for as long as you need. Plus, if you fall in love with a particular item, you can buy it too. This service is perfect for moms who don't want to spend a fortune on clothes they'll only wear for a few months. La Belle Bump also offers special occasion rentals, so you can look your best at important events while still feeling comfortable and confident in your baby bump.

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Armoire offers a rental membership that features high-end brands for affordable prices. Their 4 item plan starts at $69 for the first month and then $79 per subsequent month, allowing you to swap as you please for every stage of your pregnancy without making a major investment. From casual chic to office wear, they've got you covered with four item rentals of your favorite brands. So, you can focus on enjoying the journey of bringing your baby into the world while looking and feeling your best.

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Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway, a company well-known for formal wear rentals, also offers a fantastic collection of maternity wear. Rent the Runway offers clothing for all stages of pregnancy, with tens of thousands of options to choose from. They even provide access to a personal stylist who can assist you in finding the ideal items for your physique and lifestyle. There is no time limit on how long you can keep and wear your favorite maternity pieces with plans starting at $94 per month. In addition, it is an excellent way to save money for other baby necessities.

123 Baby Box

123 Baby Box is the perfect subscription for new parents looking for innovative and fun products for their little bundle of joy. Although this subscription box is for babies, it does include some goodies for the mother as well. With 6+ full-sized products included in each box, this subscription offers a guaranteed value of over $60+.  Every product is hand-picked by experienced moms who understand the needs and requirements of babies at different developmental stages. Each box caters to your baby's specific needs, and you can be sure every item is designed to make their world a little bit brighter. So, if you're searching for a subscription to take the guesswork out of shopping for your baby, look no further than 123 Baby Box.

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Signing Up For Maternity Subscription Boxes

Though maternity clothing subscription boxes and rental services aren't for everyone, these unique services can help take the guesswork and stress out of shopping for a maternity wardrobe. These options also give you the opportunity to express your own individual style without breaking the bank. If you’re expecting and considering borrowing or renting your maternity wardrobe, know that you’ll be given quality items that are thoughtfully cleaned and cared for along with helpful recommendations from professionals about how to properly care for them. To learn more about taking care of your baby during this time in their life, visit our blog on all things new parents need to know!

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